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NEW WORKSHOP: Waves of Bliss

This is the story of Archangel Michael and his original connection to the dolphins. The story is told by Quan Yin, Goddess of Compassion, Archangel Michael, the angel of Mercy and Lord Melchizedek our Universal Logos. This highly active workshop reawakens our remembrance of our origin as dolphins who came to Earth from our twin planet Sirius B.The Dolphins made the decision to come to earth to raise the consciousness of Earth beings. They lived in the waters of Earth until the land masses appeared. They were given bodies which can walk on land as human beings for the final anchoring of the higher consciousness upon the grid of Earth. For the masses to remember at the dawn of the 7th Golden Age, the Age of Aquarius. Nasrin is offering this workshop at the request of Archangel Michael. Michael wants us to remember our lineage of light which begins with him and proceed with the Dolphins.

Tuition: $440 for the four days and includes materials and certificate. Contact Nasrin for more information.

Angels of Abundance Workshop Series

We follow our individual Abundance Angels on a journey of discovering our self worth and releasing all lack from our consciousness and our life. We will follow daily practices over a 22 day period using flower essences to release our dross and using abundance oils to bring new wealth to our energy grids and 7 body systems. This workshop is seven 2-hour sessions spread over 22 days and is scheduled by request.

Tuition: $330 per person includes all seven workshop and materials. A minimum of three people is required. Contact Nasrin to schedule an appointment.

Essene Gospel of Peace Workshop for Prosperity Series

Prosperity is Joy in your eyes, Health in your body and Love in your heart. In a journey of discovery, we follow the words of Jeshua ben Joseph – Master Jesus – as retold in the Essene Gospel of Peace. In the company of Master Jeshua we meet the 7 Angels of the Earthly Mother and the 7 Angels of the Heavenly Father. The Angels open up the Gates of Light, Power, Joy, Love, Peace, Protection, and Abundance to us. Join us in a pleasurable and eye-opening journey of enlightenment into the world of the Master’s true teachings.

This workshop is seven 2-hour sessions over a 3-week period.

Tuition: $330 per person for all seven workshops and is scheduled by appointment only. Contact Nasrin to schedule an appointment.

Custodian Angel Mandala Workshop

Our Custodian Angels watch over us from on High and protect us from all harm. Through invocation and meditation you will journey to their realm and receive from them the symbols for your personal Emblem or Mandala of Light which is the signature of your Custodian Angel. Once received, you will draw this Mandala and then paint it onto a large candle with non-removable paint. Each lighting of the candle sends a call to your Custodian Angel to come to you for guidance, comfort and protection.

Requirements: 3 hours. One 3” x 9” or larger pillar candle or one 6-8” or taller 3-wick pillar candle. Bring a pencil and notebook; All material for painting the candles is provided. No prior art or drawing experience necessary.

Tuition: $99. This workshop is scheduled by appointment only. Contact Nasrin to schedule an appointment.

Journey to Atlantis

The continent of Atlantis was host to an ancient civilization of Earth for many thousand of years. In this class we will journey to Atlantis to remember and discover who we were and what we did in the wondrous magical civilization of Atlantis. We will go on a guided journey back to the great Golden Temple of Atlantis. There we will retrieve the tools and the objects of power which we have used. We will discover and reconnect with ourselves as priests and priestesses of the great temple,or as the great architects and builders of the great city or as the engineers and supervisors of the great generator quartz crystal clusters which were the main source of all energies. We will benifit from all the tools and the wisdom which we gain and retrieve in our present lives. As we move closer to the dawning of the seventh golden age we can use our wisdom to build our new world to match the glory of Atlantis.

Tuition: $45.00.

Threads of Light Certification Workshop Level I

Within the mind of God there exists the original template and the perfect blue-print for each individual human being’s divine purpose. We can release all karmic entanglements and renew our purpose for existence moving from struggling for survival to living to serve as our teachers the Masters of wisdom are doing. Lord Metratron the guarding force for the energies of YAHWEH has given this material in channeled sessions over a period of six months to Nasrin. Metratron has brought these energies down to Earth through a dispensation from the mind of the Godsource in order to assist Humanity on the journey back to enlightment .

The summary of the steps for the first level are:
1. Activation of the Light body.
2. Decoding of the DNA structure to fulfill the individual Divine purpose.
3. Downloading of the light body template from the mind of God
4. Encoding of the original Blueprint into the light body.
5. Release of karmic entanglements from body, mind, emotions, and personal lives
of participants.
6. Return to the original state of purity and innocence which is every soul’s Divine right.
7. Return to the Divine state of perfection as the Adam Kadman body of light ( light body) merges and unites with our human body through the practices and techniques given during the two day workshop.

Tuition: $255.00 includes workshop manual & certificate of completion of Level 1

Threads of Light Certification Workshop Level II

Level II is for those who completed level I and it is about reconnecting to our individual Godsource through recognizing our soul grouping. With the help of the masters and angelic forces who serve on each of the seven rays for the sole lineage.

The summary of Level II:
1. Activation of the strands of DNA to illuminate and reconnect to each participants sole legacy
2. Illumination of the light body with the presence of Councils of Light
3. Emerging in oneness with individual council members revalent to each participant according to their ray and sole legacy
Prerequisite: Threads of Light Workshop Level I Certificate

Tuition: $225.00 & includes workshop manual & certificate of completion of Level 2

Threads of Light Certification Workshop Level III

In this phase of advanced healing we move to clearing soul group relationships, family and friends and reestablishing the perfected Blueprints at soul group and archetype levels. This phase deals with the family lineage in this lifetime and soul lineage throughout many life times.

The summary of Level III:

1. Activation of light body to connect to soul lineage
2. Connection to the main primary guides for the soul.
3. Clearing of all family and karmic soul group entanglement and the resulting pain suffering and scares from this life times and others.
4. Clearing of the Energy at the Level of Archetype.The archetype represents time of the soul group or family group.Clearing of Archetype levels helps to clear energy from generations before us including those who have passed. And generations ahead of us including those who havenot been born yet.

Tuitition: $255.00 & includes workshop manual & certificate of completion of Level 3
Prerequisite: Threads of Light Workshop Level 2 Certificate

Discovering you Lineage of Light

There are seven lineages of light. Every human being on Earth belongs to one of these lineages. Your soul lineage of light is your true origin and members of yoiur soul group are your family members. In this 2 day program you will:

1. Learn about the seven soul lineages of light, the characteristics of the soul from each lineage, learn of the seven rays and seven flames of light allocated to Earth. The guardian Angel in charge of each lineage, the Ascended Master who holds the light.
2. Find out about and reconnect with your own soul group.
3. Download the original blueprint for your soul group into your energy and physical body
4. Journey to the retreat of the master who is the guardian our your soul lineage.

Contact Nasrin for more information. Tuition: $255.

Introduction to the Lineages of Light

In this 3 hour workshop, you will learn about the seven soul lineages of light. Your own soul lineage of light is distinguished and a connnection is formed between you and your soul gorup members who act as your guides. Connections are also made to your Angelic guardians and Ascended Masters who will come to your assistance upon your request. You will also learn the invocations and matras to bring you to your soul lineage retreats and temples of wisdom learning.

At the end of this short introduction, you will be able to establish your own connection with your teachers and guides, invoke them to bring you to their (your) retreats in th eehteric realms during dream time.

Tuition: $45. Contact Nasrin for more information.

Healing Relationships Seminars

Understanding and healing relationship issues between partners, friends and family by discovering the underlying cause of tension in this and past lives. In this one day seminar, you will discover the root cause of relationship issues, heal the emotional wounds between parents and children, intimate partners, family members and or business partners.

Contact Nasrin for more information. Tuition: $255 for a one day seminar.

Identifying the True Cause of Pain Seminar

The human body consists of many different systems; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Physical pain most often is a result of emotional, mental or spiritual pain left unnoticed. Like an unattended splinter, the would will be come infected and start to spread throughout your body, for example.

Contact Nasrin for more information. Tuition: $225 for a one day seminar.