In keeping with the spirit of this year, we have made changes to serve you in a greater way by offering a more extensive range of services and events. Some of these are already up on the web site and others will be added through the course of the year. Please check our website frequently for new:

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Metatron has requested that we perform ceremonies around the time of every new and full moon. Getting together in a group and stating your intentions out load will enhance the intensity of your intentions. Remember to invoke the masters of light you feel most closely connected to such Lord Metatron, Lady Quan Yin, Lord Buddha, St. Germain, Christ Maitreya, Master Jesus, Mother Mary and the living saints such as Sai Baba, Mother Meera, Amachi. Click to Continue


Nasrin hosts many different workshops throughout the world. Learn more about the workshops

Free Gateway Portal Group Channelings

The Masters invite us to join them in a monthly series of public group channeling sessions via a live telephone conference call. They gift us these sessions to provide healing to us and to the planet. Through these sessions we can increase the Quotient of Light for our planet and raise the consciousness of all souls.  Even though our numbers may be small, we gain from trusting and surrendering to the Higher Truth, as taught by the Masters and believing that we can be instrumental in creating a  greater future for all. The Masters are calling us to join forces and start raising the vibration of our world and the consciousness of the multitudes and masses through these sessions. Click to Learn More and to Listen to Past Sessions


2009 is a year to celebrate our entry into the reign of Light. As emissaries of this Light, we can make a difference in accelerating the Earth and all souls into the reign of Light. Let us join together and offer ourselves as the instruments of Light in service to the Masters. Check the Events Page frequently for what is happening on different portal days.