February 2012

Vedic Astrology by Gilbert Picinich

February Astrology

February’s Mystical Potential


On the 7th of February there are two astrological aspects that can serve to greatly facilitate the expansion of awareness.

The first is the full Moon in Ashlesha, the last Nakshatra in the sign of Cancer. Also known as ,”the entwiner”, Ahlesha’s symbol is the water serpent; its power is the ability to inflict its venom thereby vanquishing its enemies. It also symbolizes the kundalini energy, the coiled serpent resting at the base of the spine which awaits the commencement of its journey of purification through the six chakras. Eventually it reaches the seventh chakra at the top of the head where the thousand petal lotus is activated, resulting in an awakened state.


How can we use this power to further our spiritual quest? What is it that detracts, deceives and otherwise manipulates us from recognizing and fully identifying with our essential nature? If the church lady on Saturday Night Live was asked that question she would probably answer, “Hmm, could it be Satan?”. From a Judeo-Christian literal fundamentalist perspective it would be the correct answear. But lets consider a different approach.


What if we have acquired mental habits that block the awareness of our essential nature? Things like anger, jealousy or desire; that permeate our mind blocking not only our reasoning ability but also our receptivity to more inspiring thoughts and feelings. These enemies can be poisoned with the venom of awareness , and an Ashlesha full moon provides an opportune time.


The second astrological aspect on the 7th is the stationing of Saturn. This is when Saturn stops right before it turns retrograde. It is a good day to allow your mind to disengage from from all the things that you need to do, for at least a few minutes, and to allow yourself to contemplate which recurring thought pattern you would most like to transform into a positive mental stance. Once this is articulated it is a good time to ask for Grace to help in your quest of Self recognition.


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