September 2011

Vedic Astrology by Gilbert Picinich

September Astrology

In the field of psychotherapy there are many different approaches  that are based on philosophical structures. For instance; the behavioral therapist employs the tenants of behavioral science, the Rogerian uses the phenomenological perspective, the psychoanalyst adapts Freudian principles. Each is a distinct approach  leading to a unique form of therapy.


The same is true of astrologers, they also have an  overarching perspective which informs their interpretation of the clients chart.  I won’t delineate all the different points of view astrologers adapt because it  could encompass a book. What I will state is my interpretation of the vedic perspective  so that the few of you that continue to read my column, understand where I’m coming from.


First of all, I believe there is a Self which is who we really are at the most essential level. It encompasses all of creation; all that is manifest and all that is unmanifest. As an individual soul we are a chard of this All. We never die or in any way cease to exist, within the context of time we are eternal. Time however is not real,it is a construct we have created; both enlightened sages and modern physicists state that everything is happening all at once, which precludes the concept of time. Now skipping a few steps…


So here we find ourselves  on earth in a body. Reminds me of the Talking Heads song ,”Once In A Lifetime”.  We look at things and see them as outside our body and we experience sensations inside our body. Our sense of self is informed by the reference point of the  body.One could argue that this becomes our overarching philosophy – most of the time remaining hidden to our conscious mind – that we are a body, period. Our interpretation of reality becomes entirely based  on the point of view that we are this physical being separated from everything that is seen, felt, heard, smelled and tasted. Certainly from the point of view of the Self, this is a gross reduction of our true identity. As time goes on and ages pass, lessons are learned, forgotten and relearned we begin to think that maybe there is something more, something more profound than the inevitable march to yet another death. (Yes , I do believe we reincarnate and I know I have experienced other lifetimes). At some point we begin to search for meaning, identity and  awareness; we want to get to some truth. This is where astrology comes in along with many other disciplines which lead to the  understanding of ourselves at deeper levels.  Astrology is not meant to further the  argument of the body perspective; the ego will argue  that those planets that are outside ourselves somehow make us do the things that we do. Astrology,in its purist form is meant to lead to greater awareness as to who we really are by using timed archetypical symbols. I say timed because of the cyclical periodicity of the planets; the planets and signs represent symbolically the whole of life as it is experienced here on earth. Ultimately, it is meant to act as a guide that we may extricate ourselves from the  self imposed limitations  that bind us to a much smaller existence.


Astrology is  a tool to help us gain awareness. Joseph Campbell once said(I paraphrase) that the way out of a cult is through a lesser cult (I’ve had personal experience with this concept and know its true). Even Astrology is an illusion when compared to our essential being but at this point it can serve to guide us to a greater understanding of ourselves and our lives here on earth.

If we don’t strive to get to the truth we never gain awareness of the myths and archetypes in our psyches that inform the culture and society we inhabit.Furthermore we become bound to the prevailing illusions that bind us. For instance, the joys of conspicuous consumption has led many to the oppression of unmanageable debt. Interesting that frugality is never bandied about in sex appealing garb on the TV screen.

Two friends of mine had their house obliterated by  a category 5 hurricane . It had changed direction  when it was too late to evacuate, they spent the evening in the double walled laundry room. When they walked out in the morning their house was completely gone. All their possessions were dispersed or in piles of ruble. Their mind was fully blown . They told me they lost their sense of identity. Eventually they embarked on a path of spiritual self discovery and have made remarkable strides. Now they have all the comforts and amenities that they enjoyed before along with the knowledge that their priority in life is not to accumulate material things but to gain knowledge of the Self.


For the month of September please listen to John Lennon’s,”Gimme Some Truth”.


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