October 2011

Vedic Astrology by Gilbert Picinich

October Astrology

The highlight for October is the full moon on the 12th in the Nakshatra Revati. It is the last of the moons mansions and is translated as, “the wealthy,” denoting abundance and prosperity at all levels.

The ancient Kings and Queens of India that were established in the state of enlightenment while they fulfilled the duties of governing a kingdom can be said to symbolize the depth of richness associated with Revati. The primary motivation of this moon is moksha or spiritual liberation. Natives with this natal placement can demonstrate a deep faith and devotion to God as well as a love of animals. When the moon is in Revati it is a good time to begin a long journey or a search.

Creative intelligence is also a trait found in this mansion, its ruling planet being Mercury with a strong Jupiter influence. Albert Einstein’s Venus was in Revati when he was born, his Venus gaining great power in its place of exaltation. At the time of his Venus Dasa, a planetary period where Venus plays the lead role, he postulated the theory of relativity.

Venus rules relationship; the theory of relativity established a unified relationship between space, time and energy. Interesting too that the mridanga or drum is the symbol of Revati, marking the timeing of creative expression. Gifts in music, drama, dance and literature are also apparent in Revati.

With the full moon on the 12th we can put up the sails to catch the spiritual and creative breeze offered by Revati and further our journey in those areas of our life.


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