May 2011

Ariens at the Gates

Max Plank, the great physicist once said that, “science advances one funeral at a time”. That was his way of saying that scientists tend to hold onto their concepts until their demise at which point more correct concepts and theories replace the old ones.

Beliefs seem to have a tenacious grip regardless of the empirical evidence showing reality to be different. Galileo was placed under house arrest for demonstrating evidence that the Earth actually revolves around the Sun. Even today, there are people that believe that the Earth was created five thousand years ago.

The question we need to ask ourselves is; what are the concepts, ideas and theories 
that we hold in our minds that have very little relation to what is actually out there? Of course if we could fully answer that we could save ourselves numerous lifetimes – it does seem that we also advance one funeral at a time. At some point in our evolution we do realize that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. We begin to contemplate and reflect thus initiating our spiritual journey. As we proceed to question who we are at deeper levels, with the help of Grace illusions slowly but surely fade.

Neptune is now in Pisces and will remain for over a decade. Both Neptune and Pisces
rule illusions, woolgathering and foggy thinking. The good news is that the quality of creating illusions can be utilized to transcend illusions – but it takes effort, intention and discipline all qualities anathemic to the lower vibration of the wondrous sign and its ruler. The symbol of Pisces is to fish swimming in opposite directions which simply depicts unity embracing the opposites, the apparent contradictions. One sure sign that one is falling into the illusion of duality is believing that one side of the coin is right while the other is wrong. Or that one head of the two headed cuckoo bird that is our political system is better than the other. Like a mirage, illusions fade when one is willing to face them head on.

This May with five planets in Aries the energy is available to confront our illusions. Aries is a courageous sign, rule by Mars, there is an element of fearlessness. The trick is not to wait until you are thirsty to find out if the pool of water is actually a mirage.

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