March 2011

March Releases Uranus From The Watery Depths

On March 15 Uranus enter the sign of Aries. This is strong, positive, forward, masculine energy at its most expressive.

Aries being ruled by Mars is the sign that rules the military. More than likely defense expenditures will continue to rise during the seven year Uranus stay in Aries.

As we have witnessed over the past couple of months, the people of the Middle East and Northern Africa have expressed their dissatisfaction with their rulers. This explosion of dissent is primarily due to the poverty experienced by the masses while their ruling elite jet themselves about the globe. Oligarchies are represented by Pluto, the symbol of concentrated power. Jupiter has squared Pluto since its entry into Aries starting in late January. Jupiter square Pluto is the peaceful version of revolution from the astrological perspective. Uranus to Pluto will be much more intense, direct and forceful; and will be met with equally forceful resistance. Along the line of the Libyans’ government murderous offensive of its rebels. Although the official square will not begin until the summer of 2012 and last until the spring of 2015, March 2011 will set a tone or a subtle pattern that will progressively grow more intense as we near the exact square. Uranus is the planet of awakening; as it spent its last seven years in Pisces it remained in a watery fog, in oscillation between clarity and confusion. As an example, the Nobel Peace prize was given to a leader that more than doubled the troops in a war zone and increased the use of drone bombers responsible for the deaths of hundreds of civilians in Pakistan. Which may or may not be justified.

As Uranus enters Aries more people will not be so easily deceived into believing that their leaders are working for their best interests and not a power elite such as the military industrial complex. As Pisces controls by deception Aries controls by force. There will be more control imposed by those in power that feel that their hold on the masses is slipping. This will take the form of martial law and in general a more pronounced presence of the enforcement authorities. The days of pure media obfuscation requiring very little martial intervention are over now that we have facebook and twitter. Uranus also rules the internet and while in Aries there will be hackers that will attack establishments such as “too big to fail” insurance companies, banks and brokerage firms. Governments will fight back by restricting internet use as has already happened in Egypt. It’s going to be very dramatic out there and in there as well.

The real revolution is within and the full moon on the 19th is a good place to chart that which is holding you back from recognizing the true essence of your identity. What fears maintain control over you, keep you bound in their repressive structures. The full moon in the nakshtra Uttara Phalguni is ruled by Mercury which will facilitate a deeper understanding of  the actions that must be taken to further your path back to the recognition of the Self. It will take great courage to move forward in the face of fear, just as the Egyptians and the Libyans are standing for their convictions and rights.
Uranus in Aries is a window of opportunity that can lead to greater freedom or greater suppression depending on whether we choose to resonate with fear or with Love.

[ Vedic Astrology by Gilbert Picinich ]


thank you for sharing what you see for the middle east. my friend is a pshyic and she sees the Afghan. war ending quickly but the middle east (iran/israel) escalates to a war. The gov’ts, insur. companies, brokerage co.’s all need to be exposed for the truth to be revealed. I welcome your further comments. V

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