June 2011

June to the Moon

The full moon on the 15th will be in Mula, which translates as” the root” in Sanskrit and as the final bottom line in New Yorkese. This area of the heavens is at the tail end of the scorpion which is the center of our galaxy. When one gazes at the moon on the 15th, one will be facing the center of the galaxy which many metaphysical scholars contend informs our consciousness.

The greatest changes in humanity’s awareness occurs when the summer and winter solstice points align with the galactic center. This can only occur once every 12,000 years; some assert that the final collapse of Atlantis happened during one of these alignments.

We are in one of these periods now although it can`not be precisely pinpointed to an exact year. Given the 12,000 year cycle a variance of a hundred years plus or minus is possible. Observing the weather patterns, the global financial condition and the ever escalating conflicts throughout the globe due to increasing demand for simultaneously decreasing resources, many would say that changes are now in process. Certainly an economic model based on infinite expansion is not viable in an finite system. The question is to what degree does a crisis need to manifest before a change is initiated? If a person is fully asleep, a mosquito will probably succeed in satisfying its huger without waking the sleeper. But if a person is awake, the mosquito will probably be swiped away before the potential meal is consummated. When the power plants in Japan were compromised, Germany ran a test on all their plants to ensure (if that is possible) the proper and safe operation. Recently, one hundred thousand Germans demonstrated to accelerate the implementation of sustainable green energy (wind, solar etc.) and to decommission nuclear plants. Why haven’t the citizens of all the other countries in the world that use nuclear energy responded in kind? I have heard Madison Avenue platitudes stating that there could never be an earthquake big enough to damage the Indian Point Nuclear Facility. And the beat goes on.


The Mula full moon can be used to discover the illusions that block our awareness on a personal level.The goddess that rules Mula is Nirriti, many times she is depicted as Durga – the warrior goddess that destroys ignorance so that man may recognized his true self. This June; with intention , meditation and contemplation we can ask to recognize the illusions that bind us that we may work to co-destroy them and further our inherent freedom.


[ Vedic Astrology: June 2011 by Gilbert Picinich ]

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