July 2011

Vedic Astrology by Gilbert Picinich

July: Shoot for Truth

The full moon on the 15th is in the Nakshatra Uttara Ashadha considered the universal star. It is said to inspire humanitarian activities, Abraham Lincoln had his moon in this area of the heavens – the two stars on the breast of the Archer.

The elephant tusk is its symbol connoting the blessing of Ganesh. This month we can employ the powers of the full moon to gain insight into an area of life that we feel needs to be clarified. As an example, let’s say that the full moon occurs in your 7th house, you may feel a need to clear a matter that relates to your partner, whether romantic or business. If the full moon shined in your 6th you may desire to do something to better your physical health or make an appointment for a diagnosis.

It is quite simple to determine which house the full moon will occupy in your natal chart.

The moon will be at 28 degrees of Sagittarius (vedic chart) or 21 degrees Capricorn (western
chart). Place the moon in one of the 12 “slices of life” parts.

If the moon falls in the first house (read counter clockwise from the ascendant):
It will deliver a message concerning your personality and how you feel about yourself.

2nd house: Your finances and belongings with regard to the value you place on them with
respect to your life. Do you posses your things or do they posses you?

3rd house: Siblings and neighbors and immediate environment (local). Is there a brother or
sister that you really do need to call ? Whatever the relationship you have with your
neighbor, the full moon will amplify the feelings – good or bad.

4th house: In your home and the greatest depth of feelings about yourself. You could
meditate using Ramana Maharashi’s self contemplation mantra, “Who am I?”

5th house: Children, creative activities, recreation. Spend some time with your children,
give more heart to a creative project.

6th house: Health, nutrition and exercise. Daily routine (grind too)-work. Ask to bring some light. Grace is always available.

7th house: Relationships – discussed earlier.

8th house: Joint finances, sex, death and the occult. If you’ve ever wondered about any of these write your question down before you fall asleep one evening near the full moon.
The answer may come in the form of a dream, a feeling or even someone expressing the answer during your daily activity.

9th house: Higher studies, foreign cultures, long distance travel, higher consciousness.

10th house: Career , those in authority in your life. Good time to clear the air if you deem it necessary.

11th house: Friends and humanitarian groups and organizations. Serving or giving
to charity works nicely. A gathering of friends.

12th house: Past lives, institutions (prisons, hospitals), collective awareness, dissolution.

If you don’t have a chart, pick a house and focus on one of the themes you may want to explore.


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