February 2011

The United States and The Former Planet Known as Pluto

Birth Info – 7/4/1776  4:47pm  Philadelphia PA.

This birth time places Scorpio as the first house sign or ascendant. Mars is the ruler of the chart and resides in the 8th house, denoting  aggressive industrious advancement in both military and business ventures. With four planets in the 8th there is  a synthesis of business and military each supporting the other in a symbiotic-like relationship.

The 8th house is a water house dissolving distinctions and boundaries to create a whole comprised of all the original elements yet melded as a single entity. Perhaps this was the military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned  the citizenry about in his outgoing speech. At that time the U.S. was in a Saturn cycle – so Saturn called out it’s warning while it was still time change direction. This is one of Saturn’s many roles which is probably why it ha such a reputation for being a down buzz. Did we heed the warning or are we now experiencing the consequences of ignoring it? Has our legislative ,judicial and executive branches fallen entirely under the influence of special interests, corporations and international bankers? What would Jefferson say about our judicial order to grant corporations the full rights of personhood? These branches of government were originally created to serve the people of the  U.S., where have the original values as stated in the constitution gone?

In 1993 Pluto moved into the first house of the U.S. chart. Some of the areas Pluto rules  are death and rebirth, regeneration, transformation, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. Pluto takes Persephone down into the depths of Hades and then releases her in the springtime after her lessons and transformation have occurred in the underworld. This was the year that the U.S. suffered two great shocks, the bombing of the world trade center and the passage of GATT. By the time Pluto left the first house the twin towers were demolished and 20 million jobs were exported  overseas, eviscerating the manufacturing base that was the foundation of  U.S. commerce and industry. As Pluto moved into the  second house we began 2005 with the collapse of the housing bubble which preceded a general financial meltdown. The second  house rules resources and values. Planets always aspect(project influence) the house opposite from the one they occupy. The 8th represents; international  banking , secrets, communal resources I.e. oil ,gas etc., behind the scenes operations (cia, nsa, etc). Pluto was transiting the 8th house in the early 1900’s when the international banking community wanted to establish a central bank in the U.S. They succeeded in 1913  and called it the Federal Reserve Bank ;until that point the U.S. treasury printed its own money.

Since 1913 the treasury has had to buy its money from the Federal Reserve  at the cost to the tax paying citizenry. Since 1913 the dollar has lost 95 percent of its value further enriching  the banking establishment. This all was planned as Pluto was transiting the 8th, in great secrecy. Now that Pluto is in the opposite side of the chart, the second, its beginning to become common knowledge. This is a classic example of  how an opposition(180 degree aspect) creates greater awareness.
The 8th contains 4 planets in all. In late 2004 and early 2005 Pluto opposed mars in the 8th which led to the shock and awe bombing of Iraq.

In 2011 Pluto will be opposing Venus in the 8th, the pleasure loving planet of finances in the house of communal finances. Instead of facing the music(Pluto) the Fed is printing dollars in its effort to avoid a depression .In 2011 the Fed will be barred from printing all the money it wants and will have to answer to many of its machinations that have resulted in the deterioration of U.S. finances.

Pluto will transit the 2nd  until 2020 and will certainly transform our monetary system and hopefully raise the country’s values  to a higher level.

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