August 2011

Vedic Astrology by Gilbert Picinich

August Astrology and Karma

Do the planets cause us to behave in certain ways? If we have free will than why do my Leo friends tend to be much more self expressive in a grand way relative to my Virgo friends? Is it because at the time of their birth the Sun happened to be in a certain constellation from the perspective of the Earth? Is the placement of the Sun along with all the other planets and the ensuing unique planetary birth pattern somehow demonstrative of the life of the person?

In more general terms this is the free will question which philosophers have been discussing for centuries. It is an interesting conundrum because apparently we are driven by our desires, demonstrating free will but are we free not to experience our desires? Is our destiny predetermined as our desires unfold? Are we like a pinball ricocheting about from desire to desire erstwhile believing in independent determination?

The Buddhist say that to gain control of one’s desires is to gain a great step toward liberation. In fact, many spiritual traditions recommend the control of the desire to experience the senses as a path to liberation. Other traditions, based on a more tantric approach, use the senses as a doorway to greater awareness. So the experience of a sunset or a piece of chocolate serves as a pleasurable point of focus which, combined with correct intention and attitude, shifts consciousness to a broader perspective and perhaps even to the experience of the heart. The heart experience is one of contentment and joy along with an underlying feeling of gratitude. Although this experience may have been triggered by a tangible event, such as receiving a gift or watching the sunset, the heart experience seems to be a composite of both the mundane event and something else independent of the chocolate or the sunset. A joy that seems to have been there all along, that was not created by the tangible – the tangible seems to have served to expose to the conscious awareness (that part that we identify with as being ourselves) the underlying joy.

When I have experienced this basic joy, I was not simultaneously desiring and grasping for things I did not have, I was perfectly content. I have watched others in this state and would surmise that they also were not grappling within themselves with all the things they did not have. So presto – a piece of chocolate, a sunset and we have liftoff! We know it can be that easy because we have all experienced it at some point. We could also become dependent on that piece of chocolate expecting to re-experience joy; with no joy forthcoming we may consume pounds and pounds becoming addicted to the taste sensation whilst feeling bad about the weight gain. This train of events could lead to diets, therapists, abstention and many unhappy moments. Certainly a chain of events where the desire nature seems to serve an essential function. “I want to look better”- leads to diet. “I want to feel better about myself” leads to a healer/therapist. Not that there is any state or circumstances where joy cannot emerge, it’s just that we impose conditions and then work through them. These conditions are predicated by the desire to experience that bliss that mystics contend is always present within ourselves. It is this part of ourselves, this conditioned part that becomes chained to a train of events, like links in a chain. It is this part that seeks freedom and liberation from, ironically enough, the conditions it has imposed upon itself. The blissful, joyful self is beyond systems, events, circumstances. It needs nothing, revels in itself in the infinite ecstasy of the eternal moment. It is the conditioned part that can be helped through astrology.

By applying the astrological symbols to the conditioned part, one can attain a broader perspective and hopefully gain a step towards towards freedom.


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