April 2011

At the Starting Gate

April’s full moon on the 18th resides in the lunar mansion Chitra, which in Sanskrit means “The Brilliant”. It is also known as the star of opportunity. Take some time to consider the opportunities that are being presented to you now, and the ones that you anticipate in the future. In the state of preparation we can most readily take action.

With six planets transiting Aries this April assertion will not be in short supply. Contemplation goes a long way in this instance to allow for the highest actions to occur – The look before you leap model of behavior will work wonders this month. The balance to this mass onslaught of Arian energy will be the Chitra full moon which is in the constellation of Libra. The Scales tell us to weigh out the possibilities.

As Mars goes into Aries on the 3rd, its home, and then conjuncts Uranus on the 4th and 5th we can expect greater violence in the Middle East and more demonstrations in Europe. On the 11th and 12th Mars will square Pluto which could have the power elite render harsh and drastic actions towards those they see as threatening their foundation.

These planetary dynamics may also indicate the exacerbation of the problems in containing the nuclear reactors in Japan. As Pluto (plutonium) and Uranus(uranium) connect with Mars(action, energy, heat) we could hear some more unfortunate news from our brothers and sisters in Japan. They certainly could use our prayers.


Indeed, the full moon this month was so bright that it awakened me each day between 3 and 4 am shining in my eyes. It was quite lovely. Tonight the stars here in NC are so bright that when I was outside I was called to have a lovely conversation with them. Thank you for sharing this information, Nasrin!

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