February 2010

Pluto and People

As the worldwide financial economic system is  melting, demoting Pluto to  sub planet status is like calling a glacier an ice cube while indulging frivolities on the deck of the Titanic. At a time when corporations have furthered their control of the U.S.A. ,or perhaps the U.C.A. United Corporations of America, the planet  that symbolizes the creation and disintegration of empires is suddenly belittled.  Just as it enters the realm of Capricorn, the sign of structure, power and authority, it is being waved off with a gesture   connoting obnoxious irrelevancy, as if it were a gnat buzzing a nose.

Pluto has always held the outpost of our solar system, influencing generational movements,  taking it’s time around the sun —  taking no prisoners along the way. Why now do we the focus on poor little Pluto? What unconscious fear would want to box him into a less significant category?
This reminds me of a story of the Yugas, the ancient Vedic markers of the cycles of mans’ spiritual awareness. There are four cycles on the ascending arc and four on the descending arc. As humanity was approaching the beginning of the descending Kali Yuga, nobody wanted to tell the King the bad news.  Consequentially the age of greatest material density never officially began. Humanity was plunged into this age without a timeline by which to note its duration. Ignorance was now complete, the Kali Yuga was triumphant  due to human duplicity, deception and politicking.

Although  Astronomers are not consciously  dismissing Pluto’s symbolic  importance they are the spokespersons for the over- rational analytic materialist perspective which has placed mans’ machinations at the center of universal meaning.

According to many scholars and seers we are still in the Kali Yuga, at the greatest level of blindness to our true Self, believing that the acquisition of materiality is the grand scheme of existence. It’s not surprising then, that laws are passed that subordinate life itself to capital gain. After all, banks and insurance companies are too large to fail while the global climate is not too large to fail. No need to cut carbon emissions.
Here comes Pluto rolling in like a bowling ball ready to strike at the illusory foundations society has pinned to its dreams. But first the collective mind of humanity must be made aware of its unconscious projections which created this realistic looking unreality. If there were no greedy power mongering in the mind could it possibly manifest as death and destruction over a few drops of oil in the world?

Pluto in Capricorn will reveal that which needs to be purified with respect to the relationship we have with material resources. Like a Daliesque painting it will in stark relief and flamboyant  surreality  indicate that which is ready to be released. By the time its over we will all feel much lighter.

As individuals we must heal those secret fears in the dark corners where we would rather not look, for by witnessing our illusions they disappear in the light of The Self. As a hint to the places that are asking for light check for Pluto’s Natal placement and it’s transit position in your chart.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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