September 2010

The planets have as much to do with who we really are as Jung’s Archetypes do. Which is to say that both are invisible and begs the question, would your life be any different if you had never been exposed to these ideas? Like these words on the page (computer) the planets are symbols, an iconic representation of that which is real residing always within you. You never really need a psychic or an astrologer to guide you; what is essential is the connection to your essence , expressed through your intuition as it is sometimes called.

Bob Marely sang, “old pirates, yes, they rob I, sold I to the merchant ships.” Which sounds a lot like the plight of the African in the hands of the European. But haven’t we all been robbed of our true identity, shanghaied by thoughts that have reduced us to a miniscule powerless versions of our true selves. Who are these pirates; how do thoughts and emotions  like anger, greed and jealousy veer us away from the North Star of our Self? Haven’t we been sold to a system that  attempts to dehumanize, using us as mere units of consumption?

In the movie , “Gandhi”, Ben Kingsley portraying Gandhi relieves India of one of the greatest empires in history  , with the apparent ease of brushing off a mosquito from his shoulder. One humble , peace -loving holy man, walked the talk freeing India of a repressive stranglehold that the British had mastered  to their advantage throughout the world. He looked so small and quiet and yet who would argue that he didn’t manifest extraordinary power channeled for the benevolence of the people of India. I see Gandhi’s life as a brilliant portrayal of the inner spiritual path that we tread. Freeing ourselves from the tyranny that suppresses our true being. Some metaphysicians call it the ego – as in edge God out.” None but ourselves can free our minds”, sang Bob.

Until September 12, Mercury will be retrograde along with Uranus, Jupiter, and Pluto. It’s in the shape of a T – square that looks like a slingshot. With retrograde motion we are being pulled back to be launched forward in the near future. The question is whether we will bring the pirates along with us or leave them behind with their warring kleptomaniac ways.

We can use the Mercury retrograde to sift through our minds that which does not serve our best interest to continue to contain. As an imagery exercise we can have all our favorite pirates walk the plank drop into the water and dissolve into the nothingness that they always really were.

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