October 2010

Venus Surrenders to Gratitude

On October 8th Venus will turn retrograde and continue until the 18th of November. Five times in eight years she apparently moves backward in the heavens from the perspective of Earth. The five locations delineate the points of  the five  – pointed star.

In Vedic Astrology   some of the things Venus signifies is  the wife, marriage, love, woman, partnership, art – including the healing arts, finances and  many of the things which give us joy . Venus rules both the earthly ,steady Taurus and the socially inclined ,worldly knowledgeable Libra.

When Venus goes retrograde we are very likely to become introspective concerning its areas of rulership. It may be time to reassess or redefine a romantic relationship, our finances, or the lifestyle we lead .That we  may gain clarity in  realigning our life with our Heart. If you feel that it is time to get off the highway in some area  and perhaps make a rest stop or get on a different road this period will provide you with viable exits. If you have a natal chart check out the house your Venus is in and the house and planets that transiting  Venus  aspects – the conjunction, square and opposition being the most affective. This will provide you with a clue as to the area of life that is most likely to be affected by the retrograde motion.

Venus’ retrograde motion can bring on a feeling of sadness or dissatisfaction. It is recommended you adapt a feeling of gratitude for all the wonderful and beautiful things in your life as a remedial measure.

You may want to try this exercise during the retrograde interval. Each morning think of something in your life for which you are grateful and thank  everyone that is responsible for bringing it to you , all the way on up to the Lord. Then throughout the day ,resting in the moment and in a state of receptive attentiveness, maintain an awareness of  the symbols that reveal themselves to you  regarding your object of  gratitude.

You may want to read my column  from a past month with synchronicity in its title or Jung’s essay  entitled,“ Synchronicity, An  Acausal Connecting Principle.”

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