November 2010

November begins with all saints day which is to say all the Saints of the past. It would be nice to have a future saints day for everyone else that will one day  awaken to their true identity. Well maybe that’s what Halloween is about.

We all have stories that we have told ourselves along with the masks that complete the picture. We carry these masks  around with us or perhaps save them in a jar by the door, as the Beatles put it. As our stories unfold before us and we playing out the fortunes and misfortunes, it really seems at first (maybe first couple of hundred lifetimes) that it is all happening to us. Then someone comes along at some point and tells us we are powerful beings that create our own destiny and that with the help of Grace we can liberate ourselves from our self created density. Well thank God for that point in time!

On this plane the stories and masks are symbolized by Neptune ,which on the 7th of November goes direct –  which means it starts marching forward again. On the 6th the  new moon is in  Vishakha ,the “star of purpose”. The ruling planet of Vishakha is Jupiter which brings understanding, faith, and optimism. The 5th, 6th and 7th s a great time to make up a story for yourself regarding your awakening. You may want to answer questions like; what will I be like when I’m awakened or what  experiences  need to happen before I am set free. Besides writing a little story it might be helpful to commit to a couple of practical spiritual practices such as meditation  or prayer etc. Remember the star of purpose asks you to set an intention.

The full moon on the  21st is in Krittika, known as the “star of fire.” It is ruled by the God of Fire – Agni. This represents the fire of purification which will burn out the impurities thereby revealing  deeper truths. Good day to get  a fire going, even a candle , and ask to be relieved of some impurity.

On the 18th both Venus and Jupiter start moving forward, bestowing the ability to infuse any realm  with healing  and light. Just set the intention, remember who you are and walk right in.

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