May 2010

May With Jupiter and Uranus


Jupiter and Uranus will line up this May for  the first time since January 1997. Due to their respective retrograde motion this conjunction will reoccur three times until the first week of January 2011.

In general Uranus tends to shake up traditional forms and structures with a view to change while Jupiter tends to expand and amplify. Together they can serve to be quite a potent force if one desires change in a certain area of life. The changes will more than likely occur in the house where these two planets will meet. May will be a propitious time to set an intention regarding change and expansion.

Aries– Through service to others a deeper awareness of your spiritual dimension is gained. After the 12th your  finances begin to move forward.

Taurus-Very likely that a new person enters your  life through your circle of friends. This person will serve as a catalyst for positive change. Look for an indication of this on the 19th , 20th  and 21st. Spiritual retreat and meditation is called for on the 13th and 14th.

Gemini-Since Mercury went retrograde on April 18th, it has been digging up your past that you may become conscious of thoughts that have driven habitual behavior patterns. With awareness, intention and Grace you can now free yourself of the past. Unexpected career opportunities could develop this month be ready to step through that door.

Cancer– May will bring the light of Venus and you will be shining your loving light to all around you. Watch the sweet tooth .

Leo– Obstacles at work should dissipate after the 12th.You are ready to rule the jungle gain with clear directives although your associates seem lost in nebulousness.

Virgo-May is all about your significant other and you. Your partner may very well have the breakthrough you have been desiring if you clearly state your wishes without inhibition.

Libra-Your place of employment will lighten up after the middle of the month and be a lot more fun than it has been. A hazy money matter that you share with another, whether it’s the government or a partner, will be cleared  by mid month.

Scorpio-Make a special effort to communicate with your spouse even if you first have to write down what you want to say. Understand the others point of view before responding.

Sagittarius– That home improvement task that led to procrastination is now ready  to be tackled. It won’t take as long or be as difficult as you had imagined.

Capricorn– Venus moving into your house of partnership will afford you the opportunity to express your luvy-duby side . Your community will recognize some of your greatness opening the way to greater success.

Aquarius– Your attitudes in the areas of money, abundance , prosperity and contentment is due for a renovation. The next step will be revealed around the 18th, 19th , 20th of May. Remember to pay attention.

Pisces– Express yourself, as weird and eccentric as you may think it seems to others. Your self composed partner may delight in your courageous display and spontaneously respond with joy.

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