March 2010

Mars Marches On

The March 30th full moon will be in the Hasta Nakshastra in the constellation of  Virgo. The symbol for Hasta is the hand and is comprised of five stars representing the fingers. It showers humanity with blessings from the celestial realm. Hasta is ruled by Mercury and the Moon which combine as creative practical intelligence. Goals are attained in a direct and practical manner. Madame Blavatsky the founder of the Theosophical Society had her natal moon in that position.

The primary motivation of Hasta is moksha or liberation. Practical self-improvement methods such as yoga and meditation fall under its ruler ship. We can visualize our hand sending blessings to our immediate family and friends. By extension our town and state then our nation and hemisphere, finally the entire globe can receive our blessings.

On March 10th Mars starts moving forward which it hasn’t done since December 20th 2009. It is considered one of the personal planets affecting lives on an individual basis rather than impelling whole generations the way Pluto operates. Mars takes action and moves forward with courage. Retrograde and debilitated it has not demonstrated the energy necessary to overcome obstacles leaving us mired in pools of stagnation. This is true for at least one area of your life; one of twelve houses Mars has been transiting in your chart. For instance if it’s the 10th house then it’s been career, the second finances, the 7th relationships. For me it’s been the 12th house concluding karmic ties from the past and transforming mental patterns of judgment into compassionate understanding. After the 10th you can expect to be moving forward in your respective area. The tires have been spinning and finally they start gaining traction.

March will also mark the temporary disengagement of the Saturn, Pluto, Uranus  square dance. Mundane astrologers consider the square and opposition between these three to be indicative of natural catastrophes. They will be spinning solo in the heavens until July when Pluto and Uranus decide to Tango leaving Saturn on its own.

The last time Pluto and Uranus squared each other was the period between 1930-1934 which marked a monumental shift in global financial structures and the rise of fascist political systems. What form the period between 2011-2015 will take is uncertain, it is certain that there will be innumerable shifts on many levels of experience. Resulting in changes of perspective which will in turn provide new structures based on the new perspectives. The choice posed to both individuals and humanity will be whether the next phase will be sourced from Love or fear. Will world leaders act like Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini or will they act like Gandhi? What will rule compassion or suppression of the spirit? That will be the choice blatantly evident by end of 2014.

We don’t have to wait for the drama to unfold we can choose now. This March we can set the intentions by which we wish to live this next phase of our lives. March and the few ensuing months will be relatively calm, from the astrological perspective. That calm is within all of us and unites us as one. From its perspective wars and storms are no more threatening than film on a movie screen.

Find that peace within this March, nurture it and extend it to your inner and outer world.

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