June 2010

June and Transformation

The full moon in June will  occur in the Mula Nakhatra ,which translates as , “the root”. This section signifies getting to the depth of meaning of  the consideration at hand. The galactic center lies in the direction of this area of the heavens. Mula marks the jump from a life based on purely materialistic pursuits to one based on a more spiritual approach. The deity ruling this Nakshatra is Nirriti, goddess of destruction. She is also known as Kali , bejeweled with a necklace made of  skulls. This is to signify the ignorance of a purely material approach and the consequence incurred. To start a new life the old life must die – enter Nirriti.

Natives with Mula as their natal moon inherit (through their own past life actions)  as a major theme in their lives the challenge to attain a more spiritual perspective.

This June we can use the Mula energies to jumpstart our spiritual  path. The two days before the after the 26th  will be especially strong in their capacity to support  an intensification  of our goal. This is furthered by Pluto’s  conjunction  of the exact full moon degree. This means that if you look at the full moon on the 26th you will also be facing in the direction of Pluto. As the quintessential planet of transformation, Pluto will amplify the energies of Mula and provide a rare opportunity to eliminate obstacles to spiritual progress. I would suggest an extended meditation on the day of the full moon.

If you have a natal chart you may get a hint as to the area of life that can use some rearrangement to facilitate an expanded and more liberating perspective. In a western chart check the house with the beginning of Capricorn  and in a  Vedic chart see the house with Sagittarius.

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