July 2010

Reflections  Of The Moon


What is enlightenment? We have heard many teachers take on it from  esteemed ancient spiritual leaders like Buddha and Rama to New Age authors. Another question is whether enlightenment  is bestowed by an outside agency or whether it is something  attained after prolonged  application of spiritual discipline? We have all pondered these questions in some form as we embarked on the path to self discovery. Through our progression on this path our definition of ourselves and where we stand on the grand scheme of things has necessarily broadened. Some consider the path to be an incremental alignment  of the small self, what we think we are, with the Universal Self, that which we really are.  Wise men have claimed that thousands of lives as embodied Beings must be experienced before the final realization sets one free from the wheel of birth and death.

Hindu cosmology describes existence as embodying five basic principles; Creation, Preservation, Destruction, Concealment and Grace.

Grace unveils Maya, the principle of illusion, to reveal the inexorable Truth. Grace may appear in a person’s life in many forms, perhaps as a moment of clarity unsolicited or in the form of a teacher. If he or she is a true teacher you will be guided through the labyrinth of egoic machinations to your true Self. Of course the aspirant must apply great and focused effort towards his goal to take full advantage of the Grace that is available at every instant.

On July 26th the full moon falls on the degree of enlightenment. July is a great month to intensify our spiritual practices that we may be ready to receive the gift of the full moon. On July 4th we celebrate Independence Day, at the end of the month we may get a glimpse of what true independence is.


Beautiful! I would like to personally celebrate our Great Teacher, Nasrin who has dedicated her life for the awakening of all souls. Thank you Nas.

This is a wonderful commentary. the full moon of July is also dedicated to the Gurus, teachers and masters as Guru Purnima, the celebration of the Guru.
Let us come together and celebrate this full moon of enlightenment and pray for the awakening of thje masses and acceleration of the energies of Enlighthenment on Earth. Thank you Gilbert.

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