January 2010

Through much of 2009 Neptune and Jupiter were conjunct in Aquarius. This has furthered the realization that humanity is all one spiritually, a brotherhood of man. This is the time of year to express gratitude for the blessings we have received and compassion for ourselves and others.

Aries-2010 will be asking you to recreate a harmonious synthesis between your work and your long term relationships, especially if you would like them to maintain their long term status. It’s less about balance than it is about finding a blend between these two important aspects of your life. Powerful career ambitions need to be recognized so that they may be channeled consciously. You are very likely to attain greater power and influence in your work environment this year. Be ready for a great boost forward by the second week of March

Taurus-An important year to maintain your physical health. Exercise and a dietary regimen should be maintained with disciplined regularity. Your circle of friends expands this year to afford you broadened awareness of cultural, emotional and spiritual concepts and perspectives.

Gemini– A lesson in Romance with respect to infatuation and commitment is in store for 2010.
Both your inner child and the children in your life will be reminding you to lighten up and have some fun. February through June will be the best time to further career goals, such as asking for a raise or a better position. It also a fortuitous time to gain employment so polish up that resume.

Cancer-To set your partnership, whether romantic or business, on the right track this year take advantage of the first two weeks of January to sit down with your significant other and have a heart to heart. You may want to set goals that will facilitate open dialogue throughout the year. Also a good year to get those pesky house projects that you’ve wanted to complete for a long time finally finished.

Leo– If you are planning a move this year best if you wait until the second week of May when the planetary tides in your favor. Keep the heart pumping and the blood flowing this year, the endorphined state of mind will help you release some of the frustration you may be feeling on and from January through April.

Virgo-Make it a practice not to worry about your finances this year, it will all work out. Worthwhile to reexamine early childhood conditioning, releasing that which has served its purpose. A counselor can help you with that. Someone that is “out of the box” may enter your life without warning to help you dislodge yourself from outworn ideas especially concerning relationship style.

Libra-Be kind to yourself, the personality flaw that you feel are so obvious to you are not blatantly obvious to others. Quietly and with your innate grace release that which has served its purpose. You may derive great satisfaction from painting or photography.

Scorpio-Hang tight frustrations regarding career matters will be resolved in two stages, the first by mid march and the second by mid May. Speculative ventures could do well this year and you will receive some well deserved “luck”(past life positive karma) suddenly and unexpectedly this year. This is more likely to happen near the end of December 2010 but may occur as soon as June.

Sagittarius-Relax your check really is in the mail. Work will receive a boost in May. Reach out to close family members especially the elder ones this year. Although your circle of friends seem to be diminishing there will be others that will resonate with the aspects of yourself that you are just now discovering.

Capricorn-Sometimes the best start is preceded by a long pause. Give yourself some time to contemplate, meditate and plan during the first two weeks of January. Rectify any issues with joint finances by May. Your new vocation may require more of your time than you had expected. Consider it a learning curve from which you will emerge with the knowledge to clearly delegate the entire operation, thereby having the option to set yourself free.

Aquarius– Finances will improve this year but will require more of your time and attention. May and December will prove to be the most fruitful if you stay open to possibilities that are new to you. A relationship that you would like to move forward with will have you practicing patience until the middle of March.

Pisces– You’ve been tangled up in a fishing net for quite some time ,this is the year when you can free yourself. You’ll be successful as long as you really want it, remember it’s our subconscious that has a dominant influence on our reality. Your responsibility to others can be satisfied without the self oppressive element that has plagued you.

Good luck and Happy New Year!


A a Gemini I can confirm that the above January forecast is absolutely, right on the button at this time in one’s life and so I am most encouraged and looking forward to frequent visits to Gilberts’ writings here to guide and support the path ahead.

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