December 2010

Aries – Your career is featured this month. Use your head to ram it forward but don’t forget the details which will be critical to your advancement. The  20th ,21st, and 22nd will be an excellent time to connect with siblings.

Taurus – Romance for the romantic bull. Your ruling planet ,Venus, will be playing cupid for you this month. In your social circle going with the flow will be rewarded more than putting your foot down. In turn you will expand in an area that has been constricted for so long that you may not have realized there were other possibilities.

Gemini – Sweet tooth will kick in this month – due to the Venus influence along with the holiday season . It is still your choice though. The full moon of the 21st will shine a limelight to your personality so that many can enjoy it.

Cancer – Important relationships are featured in December. Whether it’s romantic or business it will feel like one step forward and two steps backward. Progress is being made, use the down time to spruce up your home.

Leo – Home is the source of joy for you this month. Watch what you eat as your digestion could be off. Healthy foods and healthy liquids would be a better way to go in December. If the fires of a love affair are waning remember that it’s a cycle that will blaze once again.

Virgo – Allow yourself to take credit for the nose to the grindstone attitude that you have brought to your work. There is no reason to shy away from the recognition you so richly deserve. The zany behavior of your partner is not you it’s him breaking out of self created limitations.

Libra – You can increase you cash flow this month if you don’t compromise  your needs. Go for it stand up for yourself and you shall receive. You strive to create harmony amongst others in your company which is commendable. However, if it occurs at the sacrifice of your own value system then you end up not being in harmony with yourself. This is the lesson in store this month.

Scorpio – The magnetism dial is up all the way this month., so what do you want? A love affair starts moving forward again on the 6th and attains a new high by the 22nd.

Sagittarius – This month is your birthday and your gonna have a good time. Rest up and gather your energies till the 6th and then come out of the gate galloping full stride. Don’t allow some of your friends more somber attitude rain on your parade. Take care of details regarding work that you don’t have to spend extra time going back and redoing things.

Capricorn – There are many paths to the top .Are you sure that the path you are on is the one for you? It may be a  career path or some other goal you want to achieve. This month will afford you the opportunity to reexamine , that you may discover a more appropriate way.

Aquarius – Income moves forward after the 6th.Greater career benefits this month as well but you must act on the opportunity. The 21st allows for greater self expression than usual.
Pisces – You are a bigger fish than you think you are and that eccentric side of you is dying to express itself. Let it all out in full bloom as if inhibition has been eradicated from the universe. You can practice in your living room especially during the full moon on the 21st.

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