August 2010

The Great T – Square in The Sky

Who am I? What is it that I have become attached to that informs my identity unbeknownst to my conscious mind? Is it my family, my culture, the society I Live in, my race, gender, hopes, dreams, vocation?
For those that believe in reincarnation they say that we take on many roles over thousands of lifetimes. Do we pick these roles or are they chosen for us before incarnating? We have so many questions regarding who we are, our destiny and the range of our self determination. One thing is sure, we are here and it is now; and we are being propelled forward by an apparently unseen hand. Facing our destiny day after day. At times believing that we are in full control of our life and at other times it seems as if we are on an out of control rollercoaster. What does it take before we truly begin to ask, what is going on here – who am I?
There was a woman in China imprisoned by Chairman Mao to seventeen years of solitary confinement. She wrote a book about herself that never mentioned the hardship that she endured for almost two decades. When asked about this she said that they imprisoned her body but not her mind.

At one time or another we have all felt confined in a role but which role is free? Is it the Buddhist monk in a monastery in a secluded part of Tibet or the rich and famous celebrity jetting around the globe?

In August the T – Square that has been forming for some time will reach one of its peaks in influence. On one side will be Jupiter and Uranus in opposition to Saturn, Mars and Venus. These two groups will simultaneously square Pluto. I see this configuration as a time to make a strong commitment to be in awareness in the here and now. To dig deep within, past all the templates of identity,  past the roles that hold us duty bound – Past the masks and life circumstances; the projections that others hold us to.

The full moon at the end of the month will be in Uttar Ashadha known as the Universal  Star. John Lennon, Abraham Lincoln, and Robert Kennedy had their natal moon in this nakshatra and demonstrated a  universal humanitarian approach to life. We can also tune into that source that inspires the brotherhood of man.

In our own lives in whatever role we play here we can also serve as a source of joy  to those in our sphere.

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