April 2010

April’s Arcturian Connection

April’s full moon at the end of the month occurs in Swati in the sign of Libra. This section of the heavens is located near the star Arcturus. Swati reflects a strong desire for independence symbolized as a single shoot blown by the wind. People with a strong Swati  influence in their charts have the ability to bend with the wind, to flow with  the forces of change. We can incorporate flexibility into an area of our life this month.

Aries– This month you are center stage and the main player, go for it Aries! Sparks are flying in the romance department but long term expectations meet up with limitations that seem to require too much work.

Taurus-Let the zanies into your circle this month, in the forest of eccentricities there is at least a tree of genius that may be of  benefit to you.

Gemini– Expect a positive out-of -the-blue  experience in career matters. You may find yourself contemplating a past love nostalgically.

Cancer– Money matters move forward but nt as quickly as you like leaving you vulnerable to disappointments due to high expectations or ,at worst, get rich quick schemes. House maintenance gets the green light this month.

Leo– Time to reassert your assertive self that has been quiet in a  king of the jungle kind of way. If you go on a long hike this month remember to tie your shoelaces.

Virgo– Your significant other may want to skydive with you this month. Better to enjoy the flight than worry about the landing.

Libra– “Don’t carry the world upon your shoulders”, said the Beatles. Besides it is not all your weight that you have been carrying. Delegate some of the responsibility that you so generously accepted. Time for a little spring break. Work can hold a pleasant surprise this month.

Scorpio– Marshall the troops career marches forward this month. Retrograde mercury has you rethinking the current partnership whether business or romantic.

Sagittarius– Dietary habits need pruning with a view towards health. To jump start the sluggishness you have been feeling try drinking more water and eating lighter.

Capricorn– You may be over-thinking when you should just let it flow especially in the creativity department. Venus showers your house of romance this April.

Aquarius– The middle world, as the indigenous shamans call the physical, is asking for your presence. To you it may sound like an unwelcome alarm clock noise jolting you out of your reverie. Here and now is where it’s at for now-that is April. Don’t worry you will be allotted  time for timeless stream of consciousness living.

Pisces– Mars wants you to exercise this month. If you heed his call you may find yourself in a gym. Regardless of your setting there is so much charisma exuding from that everyone will notice.

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