October 2009

Astrology and Synchronicity

Maya is a Sanskrit word used to describe the illusory nature of existence. Interpreting that which is ephemeral as ultimate reality. Ramana Maharaj, the Indian mystic saint said,” mind is maya.” This is corroborated in many eastern philosophical texts as a major tenent, such as “The Yoga Vasistha” and “The Splendor Of Recognition,” one of the prominent volumes of the Kashmir Shaivism philosophy.

In The Splendor Of Recognition it is stated that there are three fundamental  mental tendencies (samscaras) that  block us from recognizing our true nature. One of them, the mayiya mala, is the inclination of the mind to separate reality into pieces, regarding them all as disconnected from each other.  As all facades can’t by their very  nature maintain their integrity, the truth of the matter tends to seep through.

Carl Jung wrote a paper entitled,” Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle,” where he cited the recurring themes and events which although related have no causal relationship, apparently sourced from a higher organizing principle that is not available to the five senses. As an example of a synchronistic event: In the morning you are talking to a friend about Amsterdam, in the afternoon you meet someone from that city and at night Amsterdam is mentioned in the news.We’ve all had this sort of experience,sometimes with a much more subtle connecting principle.Are these experiences providing us with a brief glimpse behind the veil of maya?

As an astrologer I have many times wondered why certain planetary configurations consistently correspond to certain events and mental states.I believe that the planets are in synchronous relationship to life here on Earth.

For October let’s see if we find synchronous connections to the planetary movements. Explore how the symbols and themes manifest in your life; whether externally or internally through mental states, dreams and visions.

The full moon in October is in the nakshatra called Revati, located in the southern tail of Pisces the Fish.

Revati is the last lunar mansion and relates to completion ,endings and the dissolution of time. The symbol of Revati is the drum which is used to mark time.

Spiritual growth and intuitive understanding are gifts this nakshatra bestows. The deity here is Pushan,”The Nurturer,” all forms of nourishment can be received under this influence.Mercury and Jupiter are the planetary rulers ,both pointing to higher understanding.

Mercury, known as Buddhi, at it’s highest level is employed to discern between that which brings us closer to our divine nature and that which brings us  further from that recognition. This is known as Viveka or right discernment.

Jupiter, our jolly heavenly friend,is the principle of expansion at all levels.Such as the expansion of our minds to include the full awareness of all consciousness’. Jupiter can also manifest at the physical and emotional level depending on the intent of the individual.

Through spiritual expansion Jupiter can dispel  the ignorance. This is why one of it’s names in sanskrit is Guru; which can be translated as dispeller of darkness.

Have a wonderful October!
Gilbert Picinich


Wonderful on many levels!

You have given me the most accurate and spiritually penetrating readings since I started asking your advice 25 years ago. Several companies I have owned, my wife, daughter and co-workers have benefited as well from your scholarship and insight born of a pure lifestyle. I hope that everyone who is deeply interested will compare your readings and price at least once.

gilbert – this is a wonderful column – congrats!

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