September 2009

What to look for in September 2009

  • a full moon on the 4th
  • a transit of Saturn into Virgo and
  • Mercury will go retrograde from the 7th to the 29th; also in Virgo.

The full moon occurs at 18 degrees of Aquarius, the Water Bearer. This is in the Moon’s mansion, Shatabhisha, which means “hundred healers”. This area of the heavens has to do with healing. The symbol for 18 degrees Aquarius, according to M.K.Jain in “The Stars and Your Future”, is a setting sun showering Golden Light onto a waterfall giving it the semblance of liquid Gold. Take a moment to contemplate this symbol, close your eyes and visualize the sun in your heart radiating its Light and warmth to you and all forms of expression that flows through you. Pause and take a few deep breaths. You may want to set an intention related to the clear reception and conveyance of messages during September.

In September, we are being asked to really be present when communicating and to show patience when listening or interpreting someone’s message. It will be important to get to the spirit of the meaning rather than the literal meaning so that we don’t miss the forest for the trees.

With Mercury in retrograde; give yourself extra time to arrive at your destination, as there tends to be a greater frequency of delays. It is also a time when messages tend to be misunderstood and unclearly conveyed. Virgo wants to “get to the point with clarity” and this period will mark challenges in areas of communication.

Future articles will bring greater understanding into Vedic Astrology. Have a wonderful month,

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