November 2009

November’s Neptune

The planets represent different areas of our lives, together comprising the full spectrum of our existence here on earth. This November Neptune will move from its 14 years in Capricorn into Aquarius. If you would like to know which house in your chart will be occupied by Neptune for the next 14 years send in your birth information.

The choice that Neptune offers on the most fundamental level is whether we want more illusions or less illusions?  Do we want to get to what’s real or ensconce ourselves with beliefs that distance us further from who we really are?

As an example of the Neptune effect from its 14 years in Capricorn to the possibilities available in its next 14 years, consider this:

  • The pharmaceutical and psychiatric industry have categorized many new personality disorders that require medication. Shyness or Social Anxiety Disorder, as it’s known commercially, can now be diagnosed and treated with specifically designed chemicals.
  • Young children in the millions have been diagnosed with psychological aberrations that require the use of drugs such as Ritalin  to hold them at bay.
  • The use of Prozac is so pervasive that the groundwater in England  contains traces of it.

Capricorn ruling corporations and Neptune ruling chemicals along with a generous sprinkling of greed have created a lot of capital for some and ill health for others. Although this has been a general trend, the last 14 years show  significant headway by the Pharmaceutic industry in this particular area.

With Neptune on the threshold of a new sing in November it allows us to step out of debilatory beliefs and habits, providing us the opportunity to expand our vision of ourselves. With the application of intention we can wake up from the old tired dreams and move onto more enriching and satisfying ones that resonate with our heart. Besides ruling substances that alter consciousness, Neptune also rules yoga and meditation.

Consider November a as a perfect month for you to hold your vision quest. Set time for yourself to consciously set a healthy path  towards your authentic self your heart.


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