December 2009

December starts off with the full moon in the lunar mansion called Rohini. This particular portion of the Taurus constellation amplifies the lunar energies engendering growth.

Rohini in Sanskrit is translated as “the growing one.” Growth can be experienced at any level the challenge being to apply it to that which will be beneficial to you and others. With the influence of Venus a harmonious balance can be struck between the spiritual and material.

The Venus-moon blend bestows gifts in the fine arts resulting in a well decorated holiday season.

Here is the Solar chart interpretation for December:

Aries– Finances are featured for both you and the resources you share with a partner.
Speculations and investments should be thoroughly examined before signing on the dotted line.
There is a good possibility that your circle of friends expands this month.

Taurus– Polish those horns, the first week of December will place you in the spotlight. Also a career opportunity can arise as superiors see you in a more positive light. Don’t forget to ask.

Gemini– Those witty twins can experience  greater understanding through meditation or focused
contemplation, especially the first week of December. After the 15th Jupiter shines it’s luck aspect so taking that little risk you’ve been contemplating could very well prove fruitful.

Cancer– The past few months have brought you to greater spiritual depths. December is asking you to come out and play; connect with friends and enjoy! The spiritual  exercise machine will be open for you as 2010 rolls around.

Leo– Mars disguises itself as a bigger lion and tries to scare you to submission. Sort of like ,”The Wizard of OZ.” See him for what he is and you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself and the people in your circle.

Virgo– Take a little trip even if it’s unexplored territory in your neighborhood. Approach it as you would
an ancient mystical land, like Avalon for instance. As Saturn piles on tasks requiring detailed analysis remember that your daydream may very well prove to have rewarding practical application.

Libra– The Pluto Saturn rollercoaster  you’ve been on has not been an easy ride but you’ve handled it with poise and dignity. Just as it seems to be veering out of control Jupiter will be there to escort you to your destination safely. Opportunities for investments will abound over this next year starting on the 21st of December. Being overly optimistic will not serve you well. Give it the Saturn reality test and use the Pluto energy to plumb the intuitive realm, then invest.

Scorpio– Give your partner a little extra this month and you will receive twice as much back; not a bad investment. December will find you happy and content in the home.

Sagittarius– Find a Gemini friend for the financial advice you are seeking. He will clarify the issue for you from which you can make a more  informed decision.

Capricorn– Can power, control and beauty be expressed as a positive cohesive force? If it benefits everyone it is more likely to. The last couple of weeks in December will present the opportunity to integrate these three qualities into your personality in a more refined blend.

Aquarius– There is a cosmic funnel of ideas and visions raining down on you this month. Write them all down and assess their value later. The soil for their growth will present itself later in 2010.

Pisces– It’s been said that even the waking life is but a dream from which we will eventually wake up. This month you have the possibility of lucidly altering the course of some facet of your dream. The hints to what can be altered and how to do it will be provided in the usual sleeping dream. It will help to state your intention before you fall asleep.

Happy Holidays Everybody!!!

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