Release Your Anxiety with Divine Mother Healing Alignments (1 person or pet)

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Release Your Anxiety

  A timely healing experience through

    Divine Mother


The fee for this event is $18 for one person. Please give the full names of everyone you are registering in the comments window of the Paypal application.

 NOTE: Full Money back guarantee upon request if you do not feel a difference.


You may join at any time. Your 9 day Anxiety Release Healing period begins from the morning after you register and runs for 9 days.


With the intense energies of Fall Equinox just behind us, we move into a Full Solar Eclipse on Monday September 28th.  Anxiety, stress and panic attacks are generally magnified during these times and this Eclipse is an extremely dramatic one. To help you and your loved ones through this difficult time and to take full advantage of the heightened energies, we are offering you participation in a 9 day Anxiety Release Healing Grid. 


This is important at this time especially because:  


All of you as awakened (and newly awakening) souls are affected deeply by the subtle and not so subtle energy changes brought about by these global events. Global events of all kinds including eclipses, as well as earthquakes, forest fires and volcanic eruptions are happening more and more as the earth’s vibration keeps rising. Consequently, people that are not in alignment are becoming more unsettled.  That collective unsettledness seeps out to everyone else and as energetically open individuals (empaths) you may experience anxiety or Panic attacks.  It becomes a vicious cycle, building more and more as time goes on. This energy work is especially helpful for children (from newborn into young adult ages), for pregnant moms, for older generations and seniors, as well as your pets. 


Here is how it works:


With Divine Mother’s Grace, we will create an Energy Grid and send to all participants Energy Alignments and Healing. For 9 days we will send these energies at four times a day - 9:00 AM, 12:00 noon, 3:00 PM & 9:00 PM. 


Divine Mother’s energy will start flowing into the grid and to every one of you taking part in this experience calming and strengthening you with layers of protection and healing. Everyone will get exactly what they need from her with our prayers and invocations on your behalf. Once you register, you are placed in the grid, and you can go about your business as usual. 


You will receive the healing energies throughout the day for the entire nine day period. You may choose to tune in for a few minutes at any of the times noted above – from wherever you are. It makes no difference whether you decide to tune in energetically at the predetermined time or not, the quality of the energy you receive will be the same.


Please take note of your mood, thoughts and feelings during the 9 day phase.  It’s helpful to look back and notice the changes.  We invite your feedback.  Please circulate this info to all your groups, friends, and loved ones.


*This is not a physical product.


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