Jumbo Selenite Wands - Choice of Single or Pair

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Single $88.00  Pair $160.00


High Vibrational Tool. Selenite is used for activation of all chakras, especially the Crown, Third Eye Chakras and above. Best for communication with Angels and Celestial Guardians and helps to facilitate communion with the Higher Self as it opens and clears the higher chakras, allowing for a clearer flow of energy. Helps telepathic connection with people and places of sacred origin and knowledge. Facilitates connection with past, present, and future realities. Heightens meditation. Great for clearing dross and pain from traumatic experiences of past lives as it helps clear etheric blockages and brings Light and healing to every cell, raising the quotient of Light.  


To activate and clear the chakras, hold a wand in your right hand with your left hand around your right hand at arms length in front of you. Point the wand at your Crown Chakra as you hold the wand up in front of your body. Slowly move the wand down in front of your body with the wand pointing at each chakra in turn as you move your hands down, directing high frequency energy into the body. You may also perform this exercise using two wands, one in each hand.


Selenite wands are also great for making energy grids. You can try using four wands and placing them under your mattress or in the four corners of a room to heighten the energies.


Selenite is a silica based crystal. It is, therefore, instrumental for the formation of the Light Body. As we develop our Light Body, we move from dense, carbon-based bodies of physical matter to light, silica-based Light Bodies.


These wands are much thicker and carry a lot higher energy frequency than any others in our collection.


•  Approximately 7” to 9” in Length

•  Approximately 3” to 4” in Circumference

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  1. Potent and Powerful!!!

    Posted by J. N. on 10th Oct 2013

    These new Jumbos rock. I have been performing the Navaratri Festival Course during these special days and hold the pair in my hands as I do the exercises. So much energy moves through these, it is unbelievable. Potent and powerful is the adjective!!!!

  2. It takes my pain away

    Posted by C.J on 10th Oct 2013

    Thank you so much for the big Selenite wand blessed by Divine Mother,

    It helps me heal and takes away the tiredness and heavy stocked energies in my knees and legs.
    It even takes the recent pain away in my mid back as well!
    Wonderful!! Thank you very very much for this magical gift.

  3. What Powerful Energies!

    Posted by c.p. on 30th Sep 2013

    The Selenite wand is exquisite. What powerful energies! I look forward to using it within my aura. It works immediately and definitely "links in" with Divine Mother's Throne. I'm in awe and so happy to have it!

  4. Highly Charged

    Posted by Nasrin on 25th Sep 2013

    You may use a set of 5 Jumbo Selenite Wands as a bed room Grid if you feel that you can benefit from it. If on the first night sleeping with them under your mattress you feel fully charged and get a good night sleep then they are right for you. If you feel over charged, as if too much energy runs through you, or get headaches or stay wide awake, then it is too much. You may first try the pair and them move to the set of 5. Thanks for the question.

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