Gifts III: Journey Into the Inner Realms of Consciousness

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At his request, the chapter on Christ Maitreya is now available online:

"At this present moment, the Earth is populated by a very large majority of unawakened souls (more than 99%). It is the hope of Christ Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom to bring one percent of the population of Earth to receive their first level of initiation, which is awakening to the divine spark within. It is foreseen that critical mass can be achieved at one percent to trigger the awakening of the multitudes and masses..."

Christ Maitreya Follow this link to read this chapter in its entirety.

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Product Reviews

  1. My Gavorite in the Gifts Series

    Posted by Nasrin Safai on 22nd Mar 2012

    The third book in the gifts series is my favorite. Every time I open a copy I can feel the energies of Sanat Kumara and Christ Maitreya. I remember the way they both guided me to write different p[ortions of the book at different times of day and night. being under their overlighting influence while working on this book has left a feeling of gratitude, which i revisit every time I open a copy. I am deeply grateful to have been the channel to bring this book into life and very happy to share it with all of you.
    Nasrin Safai

  2. Exquisite Book

    Posted by Fay on 22nd Aug 2009

    How can one not believe in a creator and a force which organizes this entire manifest creation? If there is any doubt in your mind about existence of God or a creator just pick up one of Nasrin Safai’s books. Even if you want to find yourself and go within to discover some answers to all those questions which you never had an answer, just give yourself a chance, grab a book, have an open mind and heart and allow yourself to travel through realms of realities which was never even imaginable.
    In her book GIFTS III, Nasrin goes beyond and deep into the Inner Realms and consciousness. She goes past mundane going for Divine Purpose and Ascension.
    Nasrin talks about Christ Maitreya who is the awaited Christ for all religions. She discusses civilizations much more advanced than present life on Earth, like Atlantis and Lemuria with the hope that one day all of us will be able to claim our Divine Light and recognize that in serving we all achieve and surpass our own expectations.

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