Divine Mother Prayer Beads

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Divine Mother has requested a set of Prayer beads be especially designed and created to carry her energies and magnify the impact of all our prayers.

These special beads are charged with Divine Mother's Divine Feminine Power and Love. They consist of 54 larger beads made of Italian Onyx and 54 smaller seed beads in Honey Amber color. The total number of beads is 108, which adds up to 9 - the number for completion and accomplishment of all tasks and one of Divine Mother's own Special numbers. Upon Her request we are to offer these special Prayer beads for the price of $54 (5+4=9).

Use of these Prayer beads and repetition of Divine Mother’s name during special occasions such as birthdays, sacred holidays, portal days and other sacred occasions such as during Navaratri, All Souls Day and Goddess Lakshmi's Festival of Lights, help to magnify the impact of our prayers. Indeed every day, everywhere, in every situation we can carry these beads and say the prayers.

Prayer beads are used by many faiths, each of whom have their own special rituals. For these special Prayer beads Divine Mother has requested that we set aside all those rituals, the recitation of the sacred syllables and mantras familiar to many of you, and use the Prayer beads in the following way:

Begin by holding the prayer beads in either hand. Start at the Guru bead, the bead that is at the head of the circle, and pass each of the large beads through your fingers as you say, "Divine Mother, Divine Mother, Divine Mother". Do one repetition on each of the larger beads, until you are back around the circle at the Guru Bead again. One round gives you 54 repetition- a sacred number which adds to 9 ( 5+4=9). Two rounds is 108 which also adds up to 9 the sacred number to Divine Mother(1+8=9). Do the exercise, once a day and if possible a couple of times a day to begin and end your day especially during Portal days, special energy days, your own and your loved one's Birthdays, anniversary of your loved one's death, holy days, new year, and all auspicious days - whatever is important to you.

Not even an OM before her name is necessary even though you may use "OM Divine Mother" if you so choose. Divine Mother requests that we only say her name and no other Mantra, prayer, sacred name or syllable with these particular Prayer beads. This is to allow the freshness and the integrity of her energy to remain intact and not mixed with any other energies. For those of you interested in Japa Malas and the repetition of ancient sacred names and syllables, please refer to the section under Japa Malas (soon to be available in our Gifts Store).

The circle circumference of the Divine Mother Prayer Beads is 19" and it is 10.5" double length. This set of beads are not large enough to wear around the neck. Divine Mother especially requested these beads to be used for prayers and not the wearable kind. We will have the 8mm larger beads to be used as Prayer bead Necklaces- Japa Mala Necklaces- as soon as the energies are anchored through these beads. The idea is that at first these beads are used only for praying and calling Divine Mother's Name. When we have created momentum with these we will make the wearable kind as necklaces which will be aesthetically pleasing and offer solace and nurturance to the body while wearing it, while carrying the qualities of a Prayer bead, with the same sacred numbers of beads- only larger.

What Divine Mother wishes to achieve with these beads and the simple repetition of her name is to create a new fresh, simple yet powerful non-denominational groove for the accumulation and magnification of the energies of the Divine Feminine, without any pull from old or new, established, religious or spiritual faiths. Using these particular Prayer beads Divine Mother desires to accelerate and magnify the impact of our meditations, ceremonies and prayers, while multiplying the presence of the Divine Feminine in our lives and our world. Please join us to create a powerful group energy and magnify the impact of all our prayers, and Divine Mother's Love.

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  1. These go everywhere with me!

    Posted by C on 4th Feb 2013

    I've had these prayer beads for several months now, and simply put, they have become an inextricable part of my daily life. They are wonderful to pray with, and they are very soothing, comforting and beautiful reminders that Divine Mother is always close. They go with me wherever I go, and for traveling fit easily into my purse or even pocket! At night, I tuck them under my pillow.

    I believe these prayer beads have enhanced my connection with Divine Mother. That is a great treasure. Thank you so much!

  2. Sweet Clear Energy

    Posted by Tonia Pinheiro on 30th Oct 2012

    My Divine Mother prayer beads have such a sweet clear energy. When I hold them I feel a gentle wave of peace and comfort wash over me. When I chant Mother's name with them i can feel her presence, her essence, pulse in my energy field. Oh yes, and the beads themselves are so beautiful, heaven and earth are embodied in these beautiful earthy-colored stones.
    Thank you for offering them!

  3. experience of Divine Mother

    Posted by Jim Foster on 25th Oct 2012

    It is wonderful to connect with Divine Mother and experience being in Divine Mother's energies during the recitation of her name.

  4. I bought a few more

    Posted by Pat on 25th Oct 2012

    I enjoyed the energy of these prayer beads and the feel of them so much, I ordered more for my family members. thank you Nasrin for making them. It is a joy to have mother's energies around us.

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