Divine Mother Prayer Bead Necklace: Peach Pearl and Italian Onyx

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Divinely purposeful. Divinely wearable! These are prayer beads made into an attractive necklace for you to use and enjoy. You may choose to wear them at all times, pray with them during meditation, lay them on your body when resting, place them under your pillow or by your bedside table when you sleep.


Large oblong bead at the end and the large round beads are Italian Onyx, the smaller round beads are pearls — a total of 108 beads — and feel soothing to the touch. (See description of prayer beads for how to use.) 


All pearls remove pain and bring Peace and Harmony. Peach and Pink Pearls specifically symbolize Gentleness and Unconditional Love. These qualities are further enhanced when the Peach Pearls receive the healing energies which Divine Mother imbues within the Italian Onyx and the entire Prayer Bead Necklace magnifies the healing, gentleness, and loving vibrations when you wear them or keep them close by. Your prayer bead necklace comes in a beautiful pouch for safe keeping.


•  Necklace measures approx. 28"L x 3/8"W

•  Drop measures approx. 2"L additionally

•  Italian Onyx beads measure approx. 8 to 9mm

•  Pearls measure approx. 6 to 7mm

•  Includes organza pouch

•  Handmade by Nasrin

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Product Reviews

  1. They are stronger than they seem and can stand everyday wear

    Posted by Nasrin Safai on 4th Feb 2013

    answer to L.P. from Montreal on the Peach Pearl Prayer Necklace and earrings:
    My Dear L,
    Thank you for this lovely email. It is perfectly fine that there is a gap and the wire is showing. These are meant to be used everyday to wear but also to say the prayers on. so you would need some room to pray on each bead and to separate one bead from the other. These necklaces are much stronger than they seem and they are meant to be worn all the time. Just remove it when you take a shower but you can wear it all the time and enjoy the energies. If at any point it breaks it would be a good omen because it needs to be recharged. It is as if it takes its fill and needs to break loose whatever pain it has picked up on your behalf. You may then send the pieces to me for restringing and energizing at no extra cost just the shipping cost. Most jewelers will charge a lot of money to restring them and they would not know how to recharge the energies. write to me and Happy 60th birthday to you and may it be the best year yet. Much love Nasrin.

  2. what a nice surprise

    Posted by L. from Montreal Canada on 4th Feb 2013

    I thank you so much for the Divine Mother Prayer Bead Necklace: Peach Pearl and Italian Onyx. I certainly needed the love more than I thought. However, the wire of the necklace has 3\4 of an inch loose - the pearls separate and make a space where we can see the wire only for 3\4 of an inch. Please tell me that there is no danger for it to break and that I do not need to return it to you.

    The energy that came with the necklace - Divine Mother's - was easily felt. A grace in itself. I like the necklace so so much. I want to wear it each day. It fits perfectly the colour of my skin.

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