Clear Away Essential Spray

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Product Description

The unique blend of organic essential oils of grapefruit, sage, lemon and peppermint provide a unique feeling of calm and purity that bring inner peace, restoring the balance from within. 

Do you find yourself coming home after a long day and need to release the stress of the day?  If you’re like most people the daily grind can weigh heavy – at the end of your day clear away with this essential spray and relax! 

It’s also an asset to the office for those stress-filled moments when you need to restore balance and calm.  Next time tensions are mounting in the work place and you need to keep a cool head, reach into your desk drawer for your secret weapon and clear away!  After a few sprays - you'll soon discover why so many people use Clear Away Essential Spray as part of their daily routine. 



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Product Reviews

  1. Excellent!!

    Posted by Kathryn V on 31st Mar 2011

    This exposed me to the hidden potential of scent. Absolutely enlightening! The first time I used this product on myself, I felt like I was getting "lighter" with every mist. I use it on almost everything now and am noticing how these object are also "lighter" as well. Thanks so much Adora!

  2. a must have!!!

    Posted by Lisa Galligan on 21st Mar 2011

    I bought clear away knowing that it was good for clearing your aura. Being a home health aid for 19 years. I go to alot of peoples homes. So one time when I went to see one of my clients. I felt this strong negative energy in her home. I left as soon as I could and when I got to my car I remembered that I had the clear away in my console. I spray it all over me hoping it will help. as soon as I sprayed it, the negative energies were gone. I felt alot better. I keep one in my car and one in my purse. It is a must have! especially if your in alot of places where the energies are stagnant or negative. It does work!!!! your aura will be happy.

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