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The Chakra &
Five Body Systems

To help you to visualize the chakra and five body system, I have created two charts you can use as reference.

The Five Body System

Five Body System


The Chakra System

Chakra System


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Chakra Balancing Blends


Our Alchemical blends consist of rare and complex synergies  formulated and tested for their effectiveness. We combine  essential oils, absolutes, attars and different gem elixirs such as diamond in an energetic infusion and template specific to each blend. We offer both a roll-on blended in a base of pure jojoba oil as well as a spritz variation, blended in distilled water. The products may be used in a  number of ways. For instance, inhalation is one of most acutely effective ways of utilizing these products, particularly in  conjunction with meditation. They can also be  sprayed into the chakra area and energy field, placed on the skin in the location of the  vortex*, or used as a perfume.

This line of products  also acts as a powerful catalyst for healing in a client based setting where the blends may also be used in the above stated methods and for those with allergies the  bottle alone may be placed directly into the client's energy field, allowing for maximum versatility.

Toll Free Phone Number: 1-877-840-GAIA (4242)