Messages from the Masters


The Chakra &
Five Body Systems

To help you to visualize the chakra and five body system, I have created two charts you can use as reference.

The Five Body System

Five Body System


The Chakra System

Chakra System


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Intentional Jewelry


Our range of intentional jewelry celebrates the awakening of the Children of the New Age and was created under the guidance of the Divine Feminine. This exciting range of jewelry is suitable for adults and young adults alike as well as helping to awaken the inner child in us all!

Natural materials are used in the creation of each of these items and as such, the colors tones, shapes and sizes may end up slightly different from those you see in the picture. Each piece is designed by Nasrin, individually hand made and energetically charged just for you!

The intention with this jewelry is to bring the presence of the Divine Feminine into your world, to enhance your highest potential, to love and to protect you at all times. Divine Mother gives guidance as a piece is made for you and each piece is unique in this way.

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