Messages from the Masters


The Chakra &
Five Body Systems

To help you to visualize the chakra and five body system, I have created two charts you can use as reference.

The Five Body System

Five Body System


The Chakra System

Chakra System


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Angel and Wall Charms

These charms bring positive energies and Angelic presence to every place or thing. They can go on walls in rooms, windows, mantel pieces, over beds, above baby’s cribs and children’s beds, inside pillow cases, in offices, cars, on purses and bags, and are perfect for pets, too. (Please keep out of reach of small children and pets.) 


The overall benefits of these Angel Charms are: 

• Clear and cleanse the environment from negative energies. 

• Bring in the Positive Angelic Energies emanating from the stones and angels.

• Bring in the Presences of Divine Mother, Deities and Angels invoked while making these charms. They will magnify the positive impact.

• More than one can be used simultaneously in each room or space to magnify specific qualities—inspiration; love; abundance; enhancement of body, mind, spirit; balance and stability; healing; empowerment; nurturance; as well as removal of static or negative electromagnetic forces emanating from your electronic equipment and electrical wiring, phones, pads, pods, etc.

• Please be open to choosing the ones which jump out at you even though you may not be interested in the look or descriptions provided. These pieces provide more than the sum of the qualities of the material components; they provide many layers of healing which goes beyond descriptive communication.  


If you have comments or a special request for customized pieces, contact us at Please note that the colors, shapes, and sizes of the pieces may vary slightly from the picture due to the use of natural stones, gems, and materials.

* Feel free to write a review for the benefit of others. 

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