Gifts Store in Honor of the Gifts from the Masters


All crystals offered in our store are especially requested by the Ascended Masters. They will be individually charged with the energy of that specific Master to empower you and to connect you with that Master.

Divine Mother Prayer Beads

Divine Mother has requested a set of prayer beads be especially designed and created to carry her energies and magnify the impact of all our prayers.  Every day, everywhere in every situation we can use these beads to accelerate and magnify the impact of our meditations, ceremonies and prayers, while multiplying the presence of the Divine Feminine in our lives and our world.

Angel & Wall Charms

These charms are for hanging in rooms, offices, cars and wherever you wish to bring their positive energies. They can go on walls, windows, mantel pieces, over beds, above baby’s cribs and children’s beds (unless otherwise stated), inside pillow cases, and are perfect for pets, too. The overall benefits are to clear the environment from negative energies and to fill the environment with positive energies emanating from the stones, angels, etc. 

Intentional Jewelry

Celebrate yourself and the children of the new age with our range of intentional jewelry! This exciting range was created under the guidance of the Divine Feminine and helps to bring this presence into your world – to love, protect and enhance your highest potential and the highest potential of those who receive them as gifts.


Presently we have books in two series: Path to Enlightenment and Gifts. We also offer a new book by James Foster: Surfing Realities

Meditation CD’s

We have an assortment of meditational exercises and Messages of the Masters.

Synergistic Essential Oil Blends

Synergistic essential oil blends guided by the Masters infused with specific templates, coding and gem and flower essences to facilitate clearing, balancing and acceleration of spiritual growth and manifestation.