Return to Purity and Innocence

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As seekers on the Path of Light, we each have a mission to fulfill. Many of us are consciously aware of our particular mission and pursue that mission whenever possible. Then there are those blessed souls who subconsciously fulfill their mission through life, every day. However the majority of the people on Earth are the so called “Unawakened Souls” who are not even aware that they do have a Divine Purpose and the power to make a difference on Earth.

How can we help these souls? You might even wonder if helping one or two people makes a big enough difference to make it worthwhile. Well, it does!

We can indeed help people realize and fulfill their Divine Mission with the help and guidance of the Masters. In the exercise below Metatron gives a Grid of Light for Return to Purity and Innocence. This exercise helps the awakening of the DNA structure within each cell to bring to the surface of each person’s memory their True Identity as Divine Sparks of Godlight and help them accomplish their Divine Mission.

The over-lighting presence of Lady Nada, in this Grid of Light is of utmost importance. Nada has devoted her life to helping humankind by putting her one pointed focus on whatever each individual person’s Divine Mission is and to assist and accelerate them in accomplishing that mission. This she can do when we ask for her help.

Metatron calls Lady Nada to come to our assistance in this Grid of Light. He describes her Physical features as having light blue eyes, almost reddish blond hair and that she usually carries a pink rose in her hair or in her hand. She has very soft, gentle energy, similar to Divine Mother and Mother Mary.  She is the Master of the Sixth Ray, the Ray of Selfless Service.

Metatron states, “When non-form became form, Light in its purest form was fractured into seven rays. Every human being at the beginning of time chose one of the seven rays. First ray is the Divine Will of God, Second Ray is Divine Wisdom of God, Third Ray is Divine Love of God, Fourth Ray is Focus and Concentration, Consecrating the first three rays by bringing them to Earth. Fifth Ray is Divine Healing and Truth. Sixth Ray is Divine Service, Selfless Service and then Seventh Ray is Divine Order and Organization. It is also known as the Violet Ray of Transmutation. Right now is the age of the Seventh Ray and St. Germain is the Cohan or the Master for that Ray. Sixth Ray is the only ray with a female being, Lady Nada, is the Master of that ray.

Master Jesus was the Cohan of the Sixth Ray until 1954 when Lady Nada took over from him. Master Jesus became the emissary of Light as the World Teacher( together with Master Kuthumi who was previously the master of the Second Ray) so that Christ Maitreya, who is the World Teacher, could come to Earth to end the battle between dark and Light.”

To learn more about the seven rays, I recommend the video home study course, Returning to Your Source of Light, Seven Rays, Seven Masters and Seven Archangels. Click here for more information.

Take a deep breath and prepare to receive this Grid of Light from Archangel Metatron.



Grid of Light for Return to Purity and Innocence

Metatron Channeled March 28, 2010


Beloveds of my own heart, I am Metatron, the Archangel who holds the Light around all of you who wish to return to the state of Purity and Innocence. I will set you up in a grid of Light and will prepare the path for Master Jesus and Mother Mary to come to speak with you.

Visualize yourself standing in the center of a circle with Archangel Michael standing behind you and holding the Sword of Mercy above his head and yours. Archangel Michael is tall and broad shouldered. He spreads his wings and folds them around you. He wraps his left arm around your waist and pulls you to his bosom. His right arm holds the sword above his head and yours. He wraps his blue wings around your body protecting you from all harm. Always visualize that you walk with Archangel Michael holding and protecting you in this grid.

Now visualize that Mother Mary is standing in front of you to your left, holding your left hand and stroking it. She beams Golden-Pink Light from her heart to you.

Master Jesus stands in front of you to your right.

Visualize Lady Nada is standing directly in front of you beaming deep Pink Light to you.

Archangel Michael is behind you with his sword above your head.

Master Jesus is holding your right hand. He is standing in the image of the Sacred Heart and beams the triple rays, white, blue and red to you. There is enormous significance to these three Lights; white Light of purity, blue Light of Divine Power and the Pink Light of Divine Love which really is red, not pink because it brings the life force.

The reason why it has become pink is because there is so much pollution and delusion of True Love that they have to bring in the White Ray of Purity and Innocence and mix it with the Red Life Force because the life force has been contaminated to mean passion, not as in passion of Christ through sacrifice and compassion, Nor as passion of humankind for spirit, but as in passion for sex and drugs, addiction and corruption. That is why the Red Light emanating from the Sacred heart of Jesus is so important; that was the light originally denoting Divine Love.

That light was taken into lower vibration,Therefore, it was retreated from humanity and replaced by a Pink Light. For the past 2000 years, Master Jesus has struggled to anchor the Pink Light by mixing the Red Christed Passion with the White Light of Divine Purity to bring the Pink Light of Divine Love. Since the beginning of the Age of Aquarius Master Jesus has added the gold because gold has transmutational properties. Liquid gold pouring into that Pink Ray of Divine Love will help remove the pollution, corruption and contamination. Hence, the ray of Divine Love is now engulfed in Golden-Pink. That is why Archangel Raphael brings in Golden-Pink when he comes to heal.

Mother Mary and Lady Nada also bring in the Golden-Pink to assist Master Jesus with the process of healing and spreading the Golden Pink of Divine love throughout the world.

Visualize yourself standing in this grid. I call upon the Angelic Forces of Archangel Michael to stand shoulder to shoulder around you creating a Circle of Light, holding their Swords of Mercy, creating a dome of light, above their heads and yours. The tips of the swords touch and a shower of Aquamarine-Blue Light of Divine Power and Divine Mercy, pours down over you.

Around them I call 33 members of Angelic Forces of Pure White Light to bring in Purity and Innocence. These Angelic Forces hold their Scepter of Power in both hands above their heads. Purity and Innocence pours into the dome.

This exercise will help you to work towards your own initiation in Purity and Innocence and also to help you in calling to pure and innocence souls, old or young, to come together with you to create one group entity to heal the world.

I want to set up the intention for Purity and Innocence to return to the mind and hearts of all souls. I ask you every morning as you arise, see yourself completely engulfed in this grid of Light as they are holding focus that you succeed in what you have to do. This will accelerate you.

When these Angelic Forces constantly walk with you, you will seek and find souls whose core and essence is pure and innocent despite the corruption they might have picked up in their lifetime as a result of pain and suffering. You will attract them to your self and have compassion upon them and become the magnet for them to come to you. As they are being magnetized to you, they drop the pain, corruption, and they drop the invisible walls of lack of self worth, fear and mistrust.These walls makes people numb and lead them to act indifferent to everything that goes on in their lives and around them. Those who say, “who am I to think that I can make a difference!” and walk away. It is those that you are going to gather and help by calling upon Jesus, Mary, Metatron, Michael in this Grid of Light. we want you to be empowered to help these souls to know that both you and they are pure and innocent and that you can  all serve the Light. We want to help you so that you can be a force to reckon with. You deserve to become mighthy and powerful to change your world.

Visualize this Grid of Light around you at all times. Breathe and bathe in the Aquamarine Blue Light of Divne Mercy and Compassion. Let it awaken the DNA structure in yourselves to the memories of who you are and what you have come to do. Let the Angelic Forces of Pure White Light clear and cleanse your auric field with the Light of Purity. Furthermore let those who can awaken to their purity be magnetise to you and use you as a role model and a mentor to remember their own light and awaken their own purity.

I thank you for this great service and I hold you in my own heart.

I am your very own Metatron.

So it is.

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