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Thoth, the Record Keeper of Earth

Thrones of God

Throne of Absolute

Throne of Paramatman Light

Throne of Undifferentiated Source

Time; Linear Time and Space

Time Space Continuum

Trinity; Father, Mother Child Energies

Twin Flames

Twin Flames; Importance of

Universal Laws of Karma and Divine Love


Violet Flame


Yahoweh-EL; Angelic Forces of Yahoweh-EL

Yoga Meditation

Template: What is a Template? The Template is the container. To contain something you need a container.  If you want to gather water, you need to find a suitable jar. To contain Earth, you need a vase or pot. To contain fire, you need to find an urn.  If you want to bring specific Qualities to your Reality, you need to find a Template, to contain that Quality.  Sometimes, the abuse of a Template turns that Template on its flip side.  When you have health, you have a healthy Template.  When the body is abused it becomes unhealthy. Gradually, when the abuse continues, that healthy Template turns on the flip side and becomes a cancerous Template, it becomes an unhealthy Template, a deadly Template.

The Pure Template, comes out from the Realms of Light, completely pure and innocent, enters into Realms of Density, gathers dross,  begins to show resistance, gets scratched over and over, to a point where that Template turns on its flip side. Then Light becomes dark, good becomes bad, pure becomes impure, innocence becomes corrupt, truth become untruth, health becomes disease, and eventually life becomes death.

Sometimes the cycle of life and death are necessary components of rebirthing.  For rebirthing to happen, life has to come to fruition, and maturation, and death, so that it can lead to rebirthing.  The Template of Purity and Innocence that I so deeply insist on, brings forth rebirthing.

When a Template turns on its flipside then there will be a phase of disharmony. If you go back in time, you can see examples of this.  There was a phase when there was cholera, as a killer disease, another phase where typhoid was a killer disease, and another phase where malaria was a killer disease.  Imagine that the Template of Health turns on its flip side and the grooves on that Template etching in a certain way, and the etchings, the nicks and scrapes and scratches and tears formulating an environment that would welcome Typhoid. It had a beginning, middle and an end which is the good news.

When the Template is abused, it still goes through its phase of birth, death and rebirth. This is why I keep insisting that  you carry the seed of Purity and Innocence in your heart.  This is why I keep giving you Angelic beings, great Cosmic Beings, various modalities of protection and empowerment with tools to empower and protect yourselves. I want you to reach to a state where you are vibrating at such a high frequency that you flip the corrupt Template back to its original pure divine state.

Significance of Templates. Templates form to encapsulate the Life Force.  How the Life Force acts, how the Life Force unfolds, how the Life Force behaves in each environment depends upon the Template upon which it is encapsulated.  The grooves and the etchings, sometimes the scrapes and scratches, the nicks and tears in the Template cause karma or should I say karma and karmic entanglements, negative behaviors.  Low qualities and energies cause grooves, scrapes, and scratches, nicks and tears within the Template.  The Template encapsulates various qualities. 

Template of Purity and Innocence. Right now I am putting a lot of energy into anchoring the Template of Purity and Innocence. Why is the Template of purity and innocence so important?  This Template is of upmost importance right now because your world is impure.  Your world is polluted in every sense of the word.  The Five Elements are polluted.  The waters are poisoned, the air is poisoned, the Earth is poisoned, and fire can get rampant because it is one way to cleanse the pollution.  The Mental, Emotional Bodies of all souls are polluted.  People hoard and greed after material wealth, and believe they are smart.  People hide and waste material resources, rather than share and they believe it is their right. Self serving, self centered, self involved behavior, impure behavior, deceiving behavior, corrupt behavior, and greedy behavior have become the norm.

The pollution in the Template of Purity and Innocence has become so rampant that it is no longer a Template of Purity and Innocence, with a few grooves and nicks, it has actually become the Template of Greed, Deception and Corruption with a few instances of purity and innocence. Sometimes the flip side of the Template becomes the norm.  Right now the Template that is the norm is the Template of Corruption, Deception and Greed.

Thoth, the Record Keeper of Earth: Thoth, also known as Tahuti, was an Atlantean Master and is the record keeper of Earth’s history for the past 25,000 years. Thoth is also known as the God Mercury, the Guardian of the planet Mercury, and Hermes, God of Magic. Hermetica, the teachings of Hermes and The Emerald Tablets, the teachings of Thoth the Atlantean, are documents portraying the teachings of this powerful Master. More can be found on Master Thoth in Gifts from the Masters of Light: Journeys Into the Inner Realms of Consciousness- Gifts III. Pp. 167-187 and The Hermetica: The Lost Wisdom of the Pharaohs and The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean. Read more.

Thrones of God: Thrones are the abode or seat of that Universal Consciousness we call God, Great Spirit, or other names.  The Throne of the I Am That I Am and the I Am Presence is an aspect of that Universal Consciousness which is most immersed in these realms of matter and Form. It is therefore the one which is closest to us. We know it as God in Form. The individual self, separate and isolated from Oneness, will need to know this aspect of God and merge into its energies in order to find solace and union.

Imagine moving through a spectrum of Light and a hierarchy of existence with one hundred and forty-four layers. These one hundred and forty-four layers are also called Dimensions of Reality. Whether there are an exact number of dimensions related to each of these is beyond my comprehension. What helps me understand the process is to envision them as realms of reality. Manifest Form evolves from solid matter Form to Ethereal Form, to Semi-Form, to Non-Form, to Pure Energy, to Pure Light, to Pure Creation and finally to Pure Silence.

In the third dimension of reality, we experience the densest and most solid aspect of this spectrum and at the top, in the one hundred forty-fourth dimension of reality, we are told by the Masters that there is no matter. There are landmark points along the levels, where we are brought before Thrones upon which an aspect of God is the presiding deity. It has taken me the course of over two decades to be brought before each individual Throne which I have been invited to. It is my understanding that, as we grow in the course of our spiritual evolution, we attain the merit to be brought before a greater aspect of God, residing at a higher Throne. This is most generally the case although there have been times when I have been brought to a Throne and its residing deity which fits somewhere between two I had visited before. The exact sequence of the Hierarchy of Thrones was not given to me all at once; nor was I aware that these Thrones were indeed related to aspects of God.  The suggestion that God would have many aspects, who are residing upon various Thrones, seemed redundant until I understood that one can only earn the merit to be brought to the next higher Throne when one’s Quotient of Light increases to a certain appointed level.

In Path to Enlightenment, Books III and IV, we will explore these Thrones more extensively as many of the Chapters merit such excursions.

Throne of Absolute: Divine Mother resides upon the Throne of Absolute, at the hundred and twenty-second Realm of Reality. Even though this Throne is in the deep core of non-manifest realms, I do have impressions of form when I am brought to this Throne. I see Divine Mother seated at her Throne upon a raised platform. The seats of the Seven Lords of Light and the Maha Lord of Light are arranged in a crescent moon shape in front of her Throne, on a lower platform.  There are other realms of reality which stretch beyond this Throne, over which Divine Mother also has dominion. One is the Throne of Creation, the abode of the Pool of Creation. Another is the Throne of Feminine Principle, the abode of the Pure Energy vibration of the Feminine Creative Force, which is the Mother Force for Creation in all realms.

Throne of Paramatman Light: This is a Throne of God which resides in the 111th Realm of Reality.  Paramatman denotes the state beyond individualization. Paramatman is a Sanskrit word which denotes Para and Atman. Where Atman is the Self, Paramatman is the Supreme Self.  Imagine the ocean of Oneness as Paramatman. Atman is a drop from that ocean of Oneness; a drop who remembers its true origin. We forget that our own Individualized Self, is Atman and our Supreme Self is Para-matman, when we live in this density.  The knowledge of the Self as a united essence forever in Oneness with All, is lost. The harshness of this dense world and the immense energetic pollution are the cause of our inability to connect to our Self and our Supreme Self. The Throne of Paramatman resides above the Throne of Undifferentiated Source. The Paramatman Light is the Light which illuminates the Throne of Undifferentiated Source.

Throne of Undifferentiated Source: The Source, in non-form or non-manifest, is Undifferentiated Source. This is the Source of the Universal Consciousness wherein resides all creation in non-manifest or undifferentiated form. The Throne of Undifferentiated Source resides in the one hundred and eighth Realm of Reality. This Throne is filled with Pure White Light. When I go to this abode, I see myself enter a space filled with Light. While there, I am filled with this Light and experience lightness within me. You can say my body too, becomes Pure Light or that I was conscious of having a body. Then I start ascending upward, moving into a dense but Pure White Light Energy. I am at this point filled with complete bliss.

Technically, from here on, the concept of form is only an idea; a mental precept which the mind is reluctant to fully conceive of, or embrace. I hear direction and guidance issued to me, with enormous love from the Throne. I must add that it took me more than a year from the time when I was introduced to the concept of Undifferentiated Source to when I was allowed to enter into this realm and to the time when I could actually hear guidance. In the last few years of working with this Throne, I now have the understanding that Lord Melchizedek, our Universal Logos, and his consort, Lady Malak, have agreed to become the residing deities of this Throne and guard the Ascension Flame, which is now aflame upon the altar at this Throne. There exists a Throne above this one whose Light illumines the Undifferentiated Source.  For more on this and the dimensional layers, read Brian Grattan’s The Mahatma I and II.

Time; Linear Time and Space: In the third dimensional realms of reality, time slows down due to extreme density. You will therefore experience all events in a linear manner. Time slows down to spread itself into past, present and future. Beyond linear time, time and space are superimposed on top of each other as one continuum. Events are dynamic and not static as movement from one event to another is not registered as past, present or future but simply as events in space. Therefore it is possible to simultaneously experience sending an aspect of the self into every single one of the Seven Rays and coming out at the other end as a complete soul. The experience is seven times more intense. The experience is much like a comet or meteorite. It moves fast through the time-space continuum and it ends up burning itself out. Yet it leaves its memorable and distinct mark in the fabric of time and space.

Time Space Continuum: There was a point in our history where time and space were one. They were not two separate events on the Time-Space Continuum. Both time and space sat together in Oneness on a continuum of Light. At that time, matter too was Light. Light became energy and energy gained density to shape itself into matter. The dictates of Physical Laws are such that the denser the reality, the more polarized the matter becomes. Consequently, for Light to sustain itself in lower dimensional densities, it would need to accept the dictates of Polarization. When Light reaches into the density of this third dimensional realm of duality, it is at its most polarized point.

Trinity: Father, Mother, Child Energies. The Sun, represents the Father Energies, the Moon, the Mother Energies and the Earth represents the Child Energies while Human Souls represent the Consciousness that resides and reigns on Earth.

Twin Flames: The subject of Twin Flames and soul mates is touched upon by many, understood by few.  It is fraught, therefore, with controversy, yet a subject worthy to be addressed as an entire volume unto itself. A brief perusal of the teachings of the Masters will suffice.

The journey begins at the beginning of time, or should I say even before time existed.  There was a point in our history where time and space were one. They were not two separate events on the Time-Space Continuum. Both time and space sat together in Oneness on a continuum of Light. At that time, matter too was Light. Light became energy and energy gained density to shape itself into matter. The dictates of Physical Laws are such that the denser the reality, the more polarized the matter becomes. Consequently, for Light to sustain itself in lower dimensional densities, it would need to accept the dictates of Polarization. When Light reaches into the density of this third dimensional realm of duality, it is at its most polarized point.

This law also applies to all beings who would wish to incarnate on Earth. A being of Pure Light living in complete Oneness, unaware of any duality or polarity, would experience this change when brought to the density of these lower dimensions. Such a soul, in moving through density, accepts to become polarized. An original soul would, therefore, have to split itself into two equal and exact halves, with each half the twin essence of the other. One half would become the Feminine Polarity and the other, the Masculine Polarity. This is necessary only when a soul comes down to realms of greater density. In Higher Realms, where polarity is not as pronounced, both male and female components are held within one soul.  The soul in its original form, or rather non-form, holds both polarities in total Oneness and as such, is androgynous. In the third dimensional realms, because of the pull of gravity and the forces of polarity, an energy encapsulated in matter either has electrical charge and is therefore Masculine or magnetic charge and is Feminine. This applies to human beings and almost all species of animals and plants. Even places and things emit electrical or magnetic charges. For example, Metatron tells us that the East Coast of the United States holds the electrical force and is Masculine by nature and the West Coast holds the magnetic force and is Feminine.  The polarity present at these two ends balances the country and the entire North American Continent.

The concept of Twin Flames has its roots in the splitting of the one soul into two halves. The halves known as Twin Flames are bound to find each other, in order to unite and return to Oneness. The Flame of God-Unity is the original Flame of Oneness which has always been illuminated in the heart of the original soul. This Flame also splits into two, with each half as the exact replica or twin of the other. Each half of the Flame takes residence in the heart of the two polarized halves. When the two original souls are united and their Flames are re-ignited together, their journey of separation is over. At the point of their union, the journey back to Oneness can begin.

The Twin Flames on their journey through time and space split further. Each splitting of the soul at these levels is known as soul fragmentation. This does not pertain to the gender of each fragment. Members of both polarities can be incarnated in male or female bodies at any given time. All the soul fragments which are created from further polarization of the electronic polarity are soul mates and all the fragments created from the magnetic polarity are soul mates to each other.

This is how soul mates and Twin Flames are different. Soul mates are alike because they are created or fragmented from the same half, whereas the Twin Flames are created from opposite halves. Therefore, there is a distinct difference between soul mates and Twin Flames. However, in most available literature the two terms are used interchangeably without a distinction.

The Ascended Masters have a special interest in bringing the Twin Flames together because the evolution of each soul depends upon the union of the two split halves or the original Twin Flames. When destiny and the Free Will choices of both halves provide an opportunity for uniting the Twin Flames, the Masters work hard to bring such an event to a successful conclusion.

In essence, a soul would not truly know wholeness unless it finds its Twin Flame, experiences union and breaks the chasm of polarity and duality to return to Unity. However, sometimes the circumstances may only allow a fleeting experience of Oneness. In other cases the meeting of the Twin Flames may not even lead to a romantic relationship. Furthermore, many a romantic or social relationship between Twin Flames has been known to breakdown due to the emotional and mental depth and intensity of the relationship.

Perhaps the most obvious reason is the great degree of polarity which exists between the forces of the magnetic and the electric, or the female and the male, of the species. Men and women are evolving at different rates and through different means on their path of spiritual growth and evolution. In extreme cases, some Twin Flames have fallen so far apart energetically, physically and spiritually, that even if they were to find one another, they would have little or no common ground to form a relationship. In other cases the force of attraction which pulls the Twin Flames together may become overwhelmingly intense; intensely magnetic and intensely electric.  It can even lead to near meltdown experiences.  In many a case, the two may feel as though they cannot get enough of each other sometimes and at other times they cannot run away from each other fast enough. It is easy to understand that there is a much greater burn-out effect from the coming together of Twin Flames than there is of soul mates. Soul mates, being of the same polarity, walk on common ground and easily see eye to eye.  Yet the completion of any soul’s journey can be accomplished from the coming together of the Twin Flames and not the soul mates. 

The Masters, therefore view any and all possible connections preferable to none, and do everything in their power to help both parties overcome all obstacles and accelerate to a favorable conclusion. Failing that, the Masters have formulated alternate means to assist us on our path in reaching the goal of Enlightenment. One of these alternate means provides us with a shortcut to do away with, or bypass the necessity of the physical presence of a Twin Flame for the evolution of soul fragments. To create this shortcut, the Masters sought and have been granted the dispensation to call forth the Blueprint for the Original Flame, before it was split into two flames. Consequently, the original flame is called from the Heart of the original soul and placed into the Heart Chakra of each individual soul fragment by the Masters during the meditational exercises given specifically in this book. The Original Flame of Oneness, sometimes called the Flame of God-Unity, and at other times the Eternal Flame, is the Spark of Oneness which illumines the Heart of the Undifferentiated Source. It is undifferentiated because it knows no polarity. There is no differentiation of Light and Dark, male and female, electric and magnetic. The Flame of God-Unity in its perfect original form was placed into the Heart of the original soul as that soul came to manifest form and before it split. The Ascended Masters can retrieve that flame either by going to the original soul or by directly retrieving a Spark from the Flame of God-Unity in the Heart of the Undifferentiated Source.

Once the Flame is reinstated in our hearts, we may be accelerated on our path of evolution to Enlightenment without the delay or distraction of finding our Twin Flame. The concept of such a reunion, however, still holds great attraction for each Twin Flame, in spite of its inherent difficulties. It is therefore stipulated in the plan of the Masters that bringing forth the Original Flame to each of the twins, can become, in and of itself, a force for the attraction of the Twin Flames to each other.  050523jifoSAKU

Twin Flames: Lady Nada, Chohan of the 6th Ray and her special Mission. Call upon Lady Nada, Chohan of the 6th Ray, the Ray of Service, but also she has a very specific endeavor that she has taken upon herself given the situation with the Twin Flames and the scarcity of the coming together of the Twin Flames and the success of the coming together.

Lady Nada has taken it upon herself to be the patron of the Twin Flames. So when you go into the energy of the Twin Flames, call upon Lady Nada. Say, “In the name of the I Am That I am, I ask Lady Nada to bring this situation to the next level, to proceed to accelerate, to bring it to a togetherness as it is willed in the light-as it is to the highest benefit and interest of both of us, as it is to the highest service of the light.” Ask Lady Nada to focus on this project. Offer this project to her and say, “I surrender this project to you. I surrender the outcome of the events to you and I ask you to bring us together in the most productive, most illumined way, whatever that may be. And if you have a specific interest, then I want it to be THIS way,” then specifically state that interest, specifically state that situation, that procedure and just to cover all your bases, simply in case there is a better situation that you haven’t even thought of, “this or better be given to be, this opportunity or better be presented to me in the name of the I Am That I Am.”

There are times when you don’t know what the best solution is, so you simply offer it to the Masters and say “the best solution to this situation be brought.”

Go to Lady and Master Nada and say, “Lady Nada, I ask of you to focus your attention on this. You have offered to humankind that you would focus on specific projects that humanity needs to accomplish in service and is incapable of because of lack of support.” You see, this is one of the services that Lady Nada has offered; that she would hold her focus on a project that your soul desires to accomplish and because the other side of this coin is that she has offered to bring together and hold her focus on the Twin Flames. This is a two-fold service that Lady Nada has offered and on both aspects of it, you will benefit from asking her. So focus on this energy and “You have offered yourself in service of the Twin Flames so I ask of you to proceed with bringing my Twin Flame-I surrender this situation to you. I offer you the control of this situation. I offer you the management of this situation. I ask you attention to be given to this situation, and I ask that your focus be fully placed on this event and not my will but THY will be done. I surrender it to you.”

Twin Flames: Do the souls begin on the same ray together? At the point where they split they choose they practically opposite ends of the spectrum. So if one soul starts at the beginning of the spectrum, they will be choosing 1, 2, or 3 and the soul on the other side would be choosing 6, 5 and 4. The reason why hardly anybody chooses 7 is that 7 is the new souls, the souls of the 7th Ray, which, although of much greater spiritual evolution on one aspect, they are really not or Earth, nor do they belong to Earth nor do they have long life spans coming to Earth. So the 7th Rays don’t really come into this calculation. So if you are working with the beginning end of the spectrum it would be the first three rays and at the point of split then the partner would be working with the end of the spectrum which is the 2nd bunch, the 2nd Ray, the 2nd lot of the three Rays, so 1, 2, and 3 which would be one aspect, and then 4, 5, 6, except all the souls that come on the 7th Ray are usually Twin Flames with one another. They make an agreement to come on the 7th Ray. They have fewer “coming togethers” at this present moment in this level of evolution of Earth. META 050525.

Twin Flames, Importance of: Sanat Kumara states: there is a need, especially in the case of the male of the species, for the chakras to be widened through the magnetic force of the bringing together of twin Flames. This action can be attained with the force of attraction between a male and female, whether they are twin Flames or not. However, the magnetic force field that is created through the coming together of twin Flames is of such heightened energies above and beyond that of simple coming together of a male and female that are attracted to each other that the pendulum can swing all the way from one end of the spectrum (which is magnetic force) to the other end of the spectrum (which is the electrical force). Therefore, when the magnetic force pulls as a result of the coming together of the twin Flames, their chakras begin to vibrate to that feminine force field – the magnetic force of the universe, nature, the Earth, and your own body – that enables those same force fields from nature, the Earth, the universe, and your own body to then pull to itself the electronic force fields – the force of electrical nature – at electron level, sub-atomic level to be anchored. This will then bring a balancing of the electromagnetic forces, whether it is the forces in your body, the forces illuminated through your body or the cosmic forces. As above, so below; as within, so without; the microcosm which you are becomes the replica, the mirror image of the macrocosm which is reflected around you. SAKU 050517.

Universal Laws of Karma and Divine Love: Divine Mother states, there are Universal Laws that are ruled by Divine Love. The Universal Laws that you are ruled by in your Dimension of Reality are the laws of cause and effect, karma. There comes a point when you’re not affected by karma anymore because you live in Divine Love. You live your life in service to Light. You live your life in service to love. Love is the glue that binds this entire universe together. You’ve heard this and it’s become a cliché and your mind says, yah, yah, I’ve heard this before. But think about it. Love is the substance that holds this entire cosmos together. When you move beyond the Universal Laws of cause and effect, you are ruled by the laws of Divine Love. DiMo090819.

Wave-Pulse: The pulse is like when you throw a pebble into water. The wave is like the rings that are created as the reaction of water to the pebble. It begins to make circles that keep spreading outwards. Then it reaches the edges, it gains a momentum and it folds on itself to come back.

So imagine, you send one wave out, as beams of Light in every direction. It expands to its maximum reach and folds back on itself with a pulse creating a wave and gaining momentum as they return to the center to implode and pulse again becoming a wave that come to the surface – expanding in every direction to a new greater maximum reach before folding back. So this wave-pulse; pulse-wave, continues back and forth ad infinitum. This then represents the concept of actions and reactions which keep feeding off each other. The pulse from the center becomes a wave, at the edges becoming a pulse again; the pulse makes a wave to come to the center to create another pulse to gain momentum and repeat again.

Imagine the amount of Light you receive with every return of the wave-pulse. When you have wave-pulse in place you don’t need to implode explode, you simply have to focus on the wave-pulse. Because the outcome of the implosion explosion – when fully established – is the wave-pulse. You have the wave-pulse in place you don’t need to exert yourself any further. The wave-pulse is the outcome; the wave-pulse is the final experience, the purna huti.

Violet Flame: One of the most beneficial and accelerated ways to remove and release dross is by calling upon the Violet Flame of Transmutation. The negative impact of karma and karmic entanglements can be freed from your body and from the environment around you as well as from Earth plane through the Transmutational qualities of the violet flame.

At this present moment we are entering into the Age of Aquarius and begin the Seventh Golden Age which is the time for the reign of the Violet Ray and Flame. Quan Yin the Goddess of Compassion has been the Guardian of the Violet Ray and Flame for 14,000 years. She passed on the torch to Ascended Master St. Germain in the 1950’s, according to the teachings of members of the St. Germain Foundation and Elizabeth Clare and Mark Prophet. St. Germain describes the way to invoke the Violet Flame in the following manner.

“Visualize a spiral of Violet Flame spiraling around you and me. The spiraling Light expands and we stand together inside an enormous tongue of Violet Flame which spirals upward from your feet, spinning counter-clockwise.

The Violet Flame must always be called to form from Earth to the Heavens above and it must always be spun counter-clockwise. The counter-clockwise spin helps to transmute the dross from your own energy bodies. All dross accumulated from eons of lifetimes of struggle, as well as daily dross picked up from people, places and things can be transmuted through the Violet Flame. Always wrap yourself in the Violet Flame before you embark on the events of each day. Before you get out of bed in the morning visualize yourself standing in front of St. Germain. Imagine that St. Germain’s left hand is on your heart beaming you the Light of the Violet Flame. Visualize spirals of Purple Light spinning counter-clockwise all around you. Always start and end your day by this visualization. If you are tired and know that you will put your head upon your pillow and be asleep, just intend it. Intend to have the Violet Flame wrapped around you and ask St. Germain to take you to the retreats. I will take you through these levels every time that you ask for it.” St. Germain 080115.

Yahoweh-EL: Archangel Yahoweh-EL, who holds the Creative Feminine Force for Divine Mother on Earth, approaches you. She holds the vibrational frequencies of the Feminine Principle which most closely beats in rhythm with the heartbeat of Mother Earth. As the Emissary of Light of Divine Mother, Yahoweh-EL resides at the Throne of YHWH. From this Throne she showers the Light of the Feminine Creative Force to Earth and all souls.

Yahoweh-EL; Angelic Forces of Yahoweh-EL: Yahoweh-El is a Great Angelic Being who resides at the Throne of YHWH. Yahoweh-EL is the embodiment of a fragment from the essence of YHWH who has taken form to serve the Light. Yahoweh-El does not have a dense Physical Body but an Etheric Body of Pure Light. When you stand before the Presence of Yahoweh-El you cannot expect to see a human body. You can experience peace and calm, loving compassion that comes with Pure Light and the Spirit of Light in its Feminine Creative Nature. Divine Mother has called the Angelic Forces of Yahoweh-El to be the emissaries to carry the vibration of the Platinum Ray of Feminine Creative Force to Earth at this present time on her behalf.