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Personality Aspects

Perfected Presence of the I AM THAT I AM, God in Form

Personal Light Grid

Personality and Ego

Pillar of Light


Portal Days

Prayer of the Great Invocation


Protection Grids of Light

Pure and Innocent Female Child Seed; The Seed of Life

Quotient of Light

Quan Yin

Realities; Even and Odd Dimensions of Reality

Realities; Alternate and Ultimate Realities

Realities; Ultimate Realities

Realities; Probable Realities

Releasing Pain and Struggle

Residing Deities of the Thrones of God

Rod of Power

Sacral Plexus

Saint Germain

Sanat Kumara

Seed Race

Seed of Life

Selfless Service

Scepters of Power

Seven Rays

Seven Rays and Twin Flames

Signature Energy

Solar Plexus

Soul Fragmentation

Soul Lineage of Light

Soul Mates

Soul Mates and Twin Flames

Soul Retrieval

Sound, Sacred Syllables and Creation

Spark of Light; its Origin

Sphere of Remembrance

Sphere of Illumination

Spiritizing Matter & Materializing Spirit

Sushumna Channel or Column

Personality Aspects: To gain a basic understanding of Personality Aspects and Soul Aspects, the Masters say that the body is the vehicle for the soul and the soul is the vehicle for the spirit. The body and small self is the realm of the Personality Aspects.  We are all aware of a quality that is vaguely referred to as our personality. Usually, it is spoken of in the singular which connotes that we each have a personality, a general disposition. We define ourselves and others by our tendencies; how we act in different circumstances, how we handle pressure, how we express our emotions and our intellect. However, these are, in fact, qualities of the collective consciousness, of not one, but many of our Personality Aspects.

From the teachings of the Masters, we have learned that it is common to have up to twelve Personality Aspects definable and distinct from each other. The wants and needs of each are specific. Some have been with us through many incarnations while evolving to attain Higher Light. Others may have joined us for the first time in this incarnation.   These aspects too, reach their own level of Enlightenment and move on.  New aspects replace them at new incarnations. Each lifetime we have one or two dominant personalities. Life is easier when the Personality Aspects get along with one another and when there is only one dominant personality, accepted and obeyed by all others.

Most of us are familiar with one of the Personality Aspects known as the Inner Child, sometimes also known as the Lower Self. This personality is an extremely important one as the gateway to the Higher Self can only be opened through the will of this aspect.

Perfected Presence of the I AM THAT I AM, God in Form: This is the Individualized Presence of God which has taken form and resides at the 13th Dimension of Reality. Through your 12th Chakra, you are able to connect with this Dimension and experience the Perfected Presence of the I AM THAT I AM.

Personal Light Grid: It is a Universal Law that if one member of a species has an experience, goes through an evolutionary shift or makes a ground breaking discovery, that experience, that shift, that discovery is available for every member of that species to benefit from or to pay the price for. This means that the sum total of what you have experienced is now posted on your Personal Light Grid or the Matrix of Light which holds you together. Mapping it out and anchoring it in your Personal Grid means that it is now posted on the Planetary Grid for use by every member of our species.

Personality and Ego: (Discussing what happens to Personality and Ego at the 9th Dimension of Reality and beyond). Personality is not required at these higher levels of Reality. This is the first place where you no longer have free will or a need for it. Personality is formed to embody the free will for the creation of the ego. The reason why the exchange (working with some of the Great Beings and Ascended Masters who come from much higher levels and dimensions) may feel impersonal to you is because at these higher levels of existence there is no ego. Therefore a Great Being does not need to have a personality. It is not concerned with being likable or unlikable. Also the issue of gender no longer applies. Polarization is already left behind as male and female gender is not an issue anymore. Identity is no longer an issue either. This is because the ego is non-existent. Identity is a byproduct of the ego and not required anymore. This is the Realm of Reality where all that is stripped away to prepare a being for its true experience of Oneness. This is where the drop is purified in order to return back to the ocean. This is for the drop to remember its origin and know that it was from the ocean; it is returning to the ocean and has never been alone, separate or different. 050425jifoARMI; also in PTE Chakra System II course.

Pillar of Light: To accelerate on the Path of Enlightenment, we need to raise our Quotient of Light. While we live in the density of this third dimensional reality, raising our vibration of Light and maintaining it becomes a challenge unless we have higher dimensional tools to assist us.  One such tool is the Pillar of Light, also known as the Tube of Light or the Cylinder of Light. 

The Pillar of Light is a higher dimensional energy field of Light. When called to form around our body, it can accelerate our spiritual growth by increasing our Quotient of Light and maintaining it at those levels.   When the Pillar is fully formed and you reside inside of it permanently, you can remain detached from fears, loneliness, separation and rejection.

Polarity: The journey begins at the beginning of time, or should I say even before time existed.  There was a point in our history where time and space were one. They were not two separate events on the Time-Space Continuum. Both time and space sat together in Oneness on a continuum of Light. At that time, matter too was Light. Light became energy and energy gained density to shape itself into matter. The dictates of Physical Laws are such that the denser the reality, the more polarized the matter becomes. Consequently, for Light to sustain itself in lower dimensional densities, it would need to accept the dictates of Polarization. When Light reaches into the density of this third dimensional realm of duality, it is at its most polarized point.

This law also applies to all beings who would wish to incarnate on Earth. A being of Pure Light living in complete Oneness, unaware of any duality or polarity, would experience this change when brought to the density of these lower dimensions. Such a soul, in moving through density, accepts to become polarized. An original soul would, therefore, have to split itself into two equal and exact halves, with each half the twin essence of the other. One half would become the Feminine Polarity and the other, the Masculine Polarity. This is necessary only when a soul comes down to realms of greater density. In Higher Realms, where polarity is not as pronounced, both male and female components are held within one soul.  The soul in its original form, or rather non-form, holds both polarities in total Oneness and as such, is androgynous. In the third dimensional realms, because of the pull of gravity and the forces of polarity, an energy encapsulated in matter either has electrical charge and is therefore Masculine or magnetic charge and is Feminine. This applies to human beings and almost all species of animals and plants. Even places and things emit electrical or magnetic charges. For example, Metatron tells us that the East Coast of the United States holds the electrical force and is Masculine by nature and the West Coast holds the magnetic force and is Feminine.  The polarity present at these two ends balances the country and the entire North American Continent. See also Twin Flames.

Portal Days: Portal days are times when the doorways or portals between our Realm of Reality and the Higher Realms are open. They are also days when the position of various planets in the heavens create certain alignments between the planetary bodies in our Solar System. Such positions create a portal between our world and other planetary bodies where exchange of energy is heightened or accelerated. Gateway Portal Days are times when the numerology of the day and the month coincide.

There are twelve Gateway Portal Days each year: 1/1, 2/2, 3/3, 4/4, all the way to 12/12.  This causes an acceleration of the quality associated with that number. For example, the third of March, or 3/3, is a Gateway Portal Day when the gifts of Creation and Creative Energy pour down. If the number of the year also coincides with the day and the month, the quality is further accelerated for example 9/9/09 is a great Gateway Portal Day of completion, as nine is the number for completion.

On such intense energy days, connection to the Higher Realms is easier. These are times when you will have a better chance of a clear meditation and clearer connection with the Masters and will benefit from the acceleration which is in process. Prayers, meditations, Light Grid exercises and ceremonies offered on these days will have a much greater impact on these events than on other days. Furthermore, these are days when your body, emotions, mind, soul and spirit need to withdraw from the mundane chores and exercise “being” rather than “doing.”

As the planet grows in consciousness, more people become aware of greater energy coming through on Portal Days. Furthermore, as Earth raises her own vibration, she is communicating at a higher level of consciousness with the other planets in our Solar System.  See also Equinox and Solstice.

Prayer of the Great Invocation: This invocation was given by the Tibetan Ascended Master Dijwal Khul in the 1940’s as channeled by Alice Bailey. Christ Maitreya, the World Teacher, and the Masters of Wisdom highly recommend that we recite the prayer of The Great Invocation daily.  It transmits the energies of great Light, peace and harmony.  Christ Maitreya recites the higher dimensional version of this mantra to raise the Quotient of Light for Earth and all souls. For more on this subject, read Transmission Meditation by Benjamin Crème. (

From the point of Light within the mind of God; Let Light stream forth into the minds of men. Let Light descend on Earth.

From the point of Love within the heart of God; Let Love stream forth into the hearts of men. May Christ return to Earth.

From the center where the Will of God is known; Let purpose guide the little wills of men -The purpose which the Masters know and serve.

From the center which we call the race of men; Let the Plan of Love and Light work out; And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power Restore the plan on Earth.

Protection: For as long as our numbers (those in service to Light and Masters) are limited, we must use protect ourselves and be mindful of our own need to protect our Light. As beacons of Light we vibrate to a higher frequency then our world does. Therefore, this limits our ability to replenish ourselves through the 5 Elements. We need to protect our Light and replenish ourselves in places where the 5 Elements are pure and pristine. We must also protect the high frequency of Light which we vibrate to, otherwise our Light becomes depleted.

Our work to attain and maintain our own Quotient of Light at the highest possible frequency is a great service to Light, the Masters and ourselves. While it is our job as the Bearers and Beacons of Light to help raise the Quotient of Light within our environment, to battle single handedly with such situations would be very debilitating. When we realize the importance of this serious endeavor, we will become vigilant in not only raising our Quotient but also in maintaining it and preventing its depletion at all times. Protection Grids of Light are our best tools.

Protection Grids of Light: The Masters have given us many Protection Grids. In some of these grids, healing and other qualities are combined with a Protection Grid. As I have grown in my understanding of the nature of these grids and what they do to assist me in maintaining my level of Light, my appreciation has grown and my discipline in using them has strengthened. I have come to understand that unless I am capable of maintaining my Quotient of Light, I would continue to take a step backward every time I take two steps forward. This, I have painfully noticed, has become a great burden on my already exhausted resources of energy.

I notice a significant shift in my energy field when I take a few minutes at the beginning of each day to set up a Protection Grid around me. Invariably, it allows the day to move smoother and my energy to start vibrating at a higher frequency. Protection grids are offered in every one of the books in the Path to Enlightenment series. You may choose your favorite ones to exercise daily. Meantime, the most solid and fundamental protection can be experienced by creating a grid formation with the Angels of the Four Directions.

Pure and Innocent Female Child Seed; The Seed of Life: The Seed of Life also refers to the energy of the Pure and Innocent Female Child which is destined to germinate upon Earth by the grace of Divine Mother and through our efforts and service. This will set the pace for the seeding of a new race and the re-birthing of the Pure and Innocent Female Child who will bless our world, our lives and the lives of many future generations.

This present moment in history is an important landmark point as it simultaneously denotes the final conclusion of a twelve thousand year cycle for our present Seed Race and the planting of the seeds for the next Seed Race. The Divine Mother has offered “the return to the Purity and Innocence intended in the Original Divine Plan” to be the Creative expression of Life for the next cycle. This can be held in place by each of us carrying that pure seed and the symbolic birthing of the “Pure and Innocent Female Child.”

The germination of the Seed of Life in our hearts will facilitate the return of the Original State of Purity and Innocence with which we will build our spiritual bodies. The outcome can provide the final connection of all incarnate souls to spirit. This will be the end of Duality and the advent of Unity; when humankind can live life in lower dimensional realities equipped with perfect mental and emotional bodies. These bodies will be fully connected to the spiritual body and capable of greater consumption and transmission of Light to the physical body and to Earth. Then we will accomplish an enormous task on behalf of Creation, through the grace of Divine Mother.

Quotient of Light: Quotient of Light refers to the exact degree or Quotient of Light that we – each of us, as individuals, the souls on the planet, as a soul consciousness and Mother Earth, as our host – vibrate to. For example, the prevalent Quotient of Light for the planet at present is between 3.2 and 3.4. Therefore, those of us who vibrate to a Quotient of Light higher than 3.4, are basically left to our own accord to maintain and to raise our Light further. Metatron has stated, on many an occasion, that at this present juncture of our evolution, Earth is incapable of supporting us in raising our Quotient of Light, for it does not have the resources to do it. Furthermore, when we put in the extra effort to raise our own Quotient of Light, the Earth does not have the means to help us maintain it. This is because Earth and the Four Base Elements are so deeply immersed in the density of the third dimensional realm that they have not only lost their elasticity but have gained rigidity. They are only capable of supporting those of us who vibrate beyond 3.4 with the same dim level of Light prevalent on Earth. There are 10 decimal degrees or Octaves between the Third and Fourth Dimensions. The higher the decimal, the higher the Light and the closer to the Fourth Dimensional Octave you would be vibrating.

The good news is that things are changing rapidly. The Masters of Light are greatly impacting Earth and humanity to release darkness and return to Light. With their help, in the last few decades we have come a long way in raising our own Quotient of Light and propelling ourselves to greater spiritual evolution. We and the Masters have also been instrumental in raising Earth’s Quotient of Light by some modest increments. These increments, although small, have been sufficient to facilitate the awakening of a great many spiritually un-awakened souls and furthering the growth of many awakened souls. All of this is a great feat of achievement on our part and a big feather in the cap of all the Masters.

With all that under our belt, we are now at the brink of a major acceleration process and an enormous positive shift. Persistence and discipline are two important qualities as we begin to gain momentum in order to catapult ourselves out of the darkness and the density of lower realms. We need discipline to keep a consistent pace at increasing our Light. While each of us in our own unique way establishes ourselves in greater Light, we gain momentum. Persistence is the key for this gain as the pace will be slow and gradual at first.

As our numbers increase and our collective Light becomes brighter, we will become a much greater influence to impact the Five Elements and raise the Light Quotient for Earth and all souls. Then we will become more powerful in accelerating the pace of change. We will be able to move the collective consciousness of all souls to rise in Light, helping Earth to become capable of supporting them. I do not include us in that equation simply because by then, of course, our Light would have increased too much higher levels. Instead of waiting to be supported by Earth and the Five Elements, we become the self empowered Light Beings who take control of, not only our own destiny, but also the destiny of Earth and all souls.

We will continue to be the Beacons of Light who have the power and might to influence both our immediate and greater environment. We are changing the destiny of our Seed Race from one of passive compliance to active participation. This can then become the chosen destiny for the entire collective consciousness of all souls and Earth. Then the duality of Dark and Light will not cause us constant distraction from our path and the density of the third dimensional reality will not be a hurdle. Acceleration to the ever present state of God-Unity is facilitated as a result. It is obvious that maintaining our Quotient of Light is critical and to do this we must understand the significance of protection.

Increasing our Quotient of Light: As we gain greater Quotients of Light, our energetic bodies begin to expand and their substance becomes more ethereal. This is how Light impacts all things. By its nature, Light is a lighter substance than the dark fabric of matter. Our energy bodies will therefore require greater care and protection for two reasons. One, they are larger and spread to a wider expanse around us and two; they are lighter and therefore prone to absorb the heavier materials from the environment.

This is a dichotomy. On one hand, we need to allow our energy bodies to become more expansive in order to have greater sensitivity to the Higher Realms and to connect to the beings of these realms. On the other hand our expansive energy bodies are prone to pick up greater pollution and dross from our present environment. It is natural that the Five Elements play a balancing act in the game of duality and the interplay of Light and Dark. Nature adjusts itself to constantly stay in balance. If you walk into a place and you are vibrating a higher Quotient of Light than the environment around you, the balancing act takes two forms, both of which happen simultaneously:  1) the environment begins to rise in its Quotient of Light, as a result of experiencing your Higher Light; 2) Your Quotient of Light begins to lower as you disperse your higher Light into the environment. These two acts begin to balance the scale until both you and the environment settle down on equal footing, vibrating the same quotient.

The energies of earth and the Five Elements vibrate closely to the Quotient of Light relevant to the majority of the population of Earth. These are souls who are mostly un-awakened. It is the job of the Five Elements to keep nature in balance and they do not discriminate between a higher Quotient of Light and a lesser one. The earth and the collective consciousness of humankind set the pace. When the collective consciousness of humankind vibrates to a higher scale, the Five Elements adjust the environment accordingly. Based on the prevalent majority, the Five Elements recalibrate the environment to the energy vibration of the masses. The exact Quotient therefore can be lower or higher in different locations, based on the level of Light of the majority in each environment.

The Quotient of Light also varies at different parts of the Globe. Places where nature remains un-tampered and pristine vibrate a much higher Quotient of Light than metropolitan cities and thickly settled towns. Certain sites are vortices of Light and pull a greater Quotient of Light to themselves, attracting people of higher Light to reside there. Other vortices are of darker and dimmer Light and become a cesspool of lower vibrations, attracting chaos and pulling souls with conflictive energies to them.

Various locations on the body of Earth have a distinct beat and rhythm just as the organs of our physical body do. The energetic vibration also changes in critical locations such as North and South Poles and in the Equator. Different continents, countries, states, cities and even villages and hamlets have their own beat, pattern and vibrational frequency. This also translates to one specific locality having a better energy for you at any given moment than another.

As humankind, we are considered to be the species with a higher consciousness; therefore we are the dominant influence in the vibrational frequency of Earth. Having said that, we must also be cognizant of the fact that in each Age and at each Era, Earth pulls to itself the energy of souls with whom it can establish an energetic rapport. Such souls would be attracted to Earth simply because it vibrates to an energy frequency which suits the lessons those souls have chosen to learn while in embodiment.

Realities; Even and Odd Dimensions of Reality: All the odd numbered dimensions are the enactment of that plan. For example, in the 12th dimension of reality, the plan unfolds for what goes on in the dimension above and the dimension below. In other words, the even numbered dimensions are bridges that bring to reality what is below them and what is above them. 050539jifoSAKU.

Realities; Alternate and Ultimate Realities: Alternate Realities sit on top of each other like notes of music. At any given moment we may roam through these alternate realms and choose to manifest the event or circumstance which best suits us. At the same time we may offer up our free will and ask the Masters to take on the task of choosing the reality which is best suited for us. This can then become our ultimate reality.

Realities; Ultimate Reality is the one which we chose to call to ourselves. This becomes the Reality which we will physically experience. In essence from moment to moment we are only aware of this Reality because our choices lead us to live that Reality which is the ultimate outcome of our actions. When we offer our free will to God through the Masters and say, “Not my will, but thy will be done,” we issue a blanket permission or Carte Blanche to the Masters to go plucking favorable events like rose buds, from the meadow of alternate realities on our behalf. They can then gather the best of all events and circumstances from among the available alternate realities and help us to turn them into the ultimate Reality which we will co-create with their help and experience through their grace and intervention.

As you read through the chapters of the PTE books you will notice that the Masters call forth the Alternate Reality which best serves you to be made into your Ultimate Reality. They usually ask for this through the grace and intercession of Divine Mother since she is the power behind the Creative Force which creates all realities.

Realities; Probable Realities: Add to that scenario, the possibility that all those choices which we did not make continue to exist as probable realities alongside of the ones we do make and the spectrum widens dramatically. All Probable, Alternate and Ultimate Realities move in a sea of existence, of which, we remain unconscious of, for the most part. Sometimes through our dreams we may tap into the Alternate or probable Reality.

Releasing Pain and Struggle: All negative energies, all lower vibrational forces, all pain, all struggles, all traumas, all conflict and all negative emotions will have to come to the surface and be released before we can reach Enlightenment. As Metatron says, “We must first empty the cup from its poison before we can fill it with nectar.” The negative, dark and painful energies we have endured for many lifetimes within us as well as those spread upon the atmosphere and environment of Earth and the Five Elements must come to the surface to be released.  “Coming to the surface” can happen in many ways and through many layers.  We as individuals, release our dross, our collective consciousness as a species releases its dross and the planet as a whole releases her dross. All layers must participate in emptying their individual and collective cups. The Masters give us guidance and direction to assist us in understanding what needs to be released and how to accomplish it on behalf of the planet, the collective consciousness of all souls and ourselves.  As we empty our cups, we become the pioneers and spearheads to help the multitudes and masses do the same.

We release layers from our physical body, emotional body, mental body, and spiritual body.  The same applies to us collectively as a species and to Earth as a planetary body.  When we begin to “spring-clean” our bodies, the impact can bring to the surface the conflictive energies held within our bodies, minds and emotions.  Physical sickness, especially flu symptoms are common examples. When Earth releases her dross and spring-cleans, the impact shows up as floods, cyclones, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and such.

Residing Deities of the Thrones of God: The Thrones of our 144 Dimensional Hierarchies are also the abode of Residing Deities, Great Cosmic Beings of Light. It is heartwarming to realize that at some point in their journey to Light many of these Great Beings had been human beings residing on Earth. The encapsulation of the human quality, allows the Throne to become accessible to us. This allowed the materialization of the spirit of that Throne in the physical essence of the residing deity. Likewise, the experience of the Throne through their essence allowed the matter of our bodies to be Spiritized into the Throne.

As human beings they have accumulated Light, might and power to reach to their lofty position of becoming the residing deity of these Thrones. As a result of our service to the Light and our discipleship to these Masters, we created an environment to anchor the presence of the deities at these Thrones, making the Throne and the Beings accessible to all souls. In essence we had become to co-creators of this Reality where Earth and all souls could benefit from its effect.

Once the energy was fully anchored within us, it became etched into our Personal Grid. That knowing was then posted on the Planetary Grid and our act of co-creation was completely fulfilled. From that point on, all souls who reach a certain Quotient of Light would be able to connect to these Great Beings at their respective Thrones.

Once you receive these energies, it will be anchored upon your Personal Grid. Through your Personal Grid, the energies will be posted upon the Planetary Grid system. In this way you become the Beacons of Light for the anchoring of the energies of these Thrones and their residing deities on Earth. Tools of empowerment are offered by the deities to assist you through your journey of Enlightenment, your Divine Mission and your service to the Light. In this way, the true Joy of Service can be attained.

Residing Deities

Sanat Kumara, the Planetary Logos and Lady Venus, reside at the Throne of the I Am That I       Am in the 13th Realm of Reality.

Christ Maitreya and Quan Yin reside at the Throne of YHWH, in the 22nd Realm of Reality.

Lord Melchior, our Galactic Logos and Lady Malchai reside at the Throne of God-Source in        the 33rd Realm of Reality.

Lord Sananda and Elohim Star Astrea reside at the 55th Realm of Reality.

Lord Melchizedek, our Universal Logos and Lady Malak reside at the Throne of the         Undifferentiated Source in the 108th Realm of Reality.

The Rod of Power: The Rod of Power is given, as a general rule, after the Scepter of Power has been activated. The Rod of Power is given for accomplishment of very specific tasks that signifies that the person not only is on their way of accomplishing their Divine Mission but they are guaranteed that they will be accomplishing their Divine Mission. Therefore, their Rod of Power has been given because the Rod can accomplish certain Qualities, certain tasks, certain projects.  The Rod can also connect you to the power that is available to you when you reach to that level of recognition – when you reach to that level of Enlightenment – when you reach to that level of responsibility.

Another important significance of the Rod of Power is that it is capable of communicating with other Beings – not necessarily from your own Soul Lineage of Light but other Beings who carry certain other Qualities.  For example, the Rod of Victory carries the Quality of Victory.  The Rod of Glory carries the Quality of Glory.  The Rod of Liberty carries the Quality of Liberty.  Now while you could say, ‘Well, the same thing happens with the Scepter.  Does it not?’

The Scepter is not responsible to carry the Quality, even though the Rod that Lady Victory carries certainly will carry the Quality of Victory.  But it is more of a personalized object.  Its task is not to carry a Quality.  The Rod, on the other hand, is not so much a personalized object, even though the Rod of Victory will carry the Quality of Victory and will be personally designed and imprinted with the Energies of Victory.  But if you had your own Rod of Power, you could charge your Rod of Power to carry the energies from the Rod of Victory, as well as the energies from the Rod of Liberty, as well as the energies from the Rod of Truth, the Rod of Power, the Rod of Light, and the Rod of Wisdom.

So your Rod of Power is an object you will activate after you have earned the merit of being responsible for your Scepter of Power and you have proven capable of showing yourself responsible, showing yourself capable of working. DIMO 1112

(See also Scepter of Power)

Sacral Plexus: The Sacral Plexus, which is the chakra for creativity and the chakra for the procreative organs, is a very important energy center.  It is an energy center that is a bridge.  It connects the human being to the Creative Force of the Universe and it connects a human being to the Creative Force of Mother Earth. The procreative organs Materialize Spirit.  The center in the body which causes the coming together of Matter and Spirit in the most tangible form, is the Sacral Plexus.  050603jifoSAKU.

Seed Race: In channeled messages, the Masters have explained to us that each Seed has a twelve thousand year cycle of germination. This cycle is called a Seed Race. The planning phase for each Seed Race takes a span of approximately three thousand years.  We are at the entry point to planning the next Seed Race. The theme for the next Seed Race is Anchoring of Purity and Innocence. The symbolic essence of that purity and innocence is held within the Female Creative Force and the Heroes who will carry this essence are the generations of present and future children of Earth, both male and female.

This moment in history is an important landmark point as it simultaneously denotes the final conclusion of the twelve thousand year cycle which we are at the ¾ point and the planning phase for the planting of the seeds for the next one. Divine Mother has offered “the return to the Purity and Innocence intended in the Original Divine Plan” to be the Creative expression of Life Force and the experience of the generations of humankind for the next cycle. This can be held in place by the symbolic birthing of a “Pure and Innocent Female Child.” The last Seed Race, which was planned around this time twelve thousand years ago, carries the energetic signature of the “Clearly Focused Male Child.” The legend of Isis, Osiris and Horus as the Mother, Father and Male Child aspects, of the Egyptian times bears witness to this event. It denotes the beginning of the present cycle of twelve thousand years, which began around nine thousand years ago. It was reinforced two thousand years ago by the birth of Jesus and the revival of the Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit in the recent history of Earth.

The twelve thousand year cycle before that was during the Atlantean Era, where the Seed was encapsulated and held by the Feminine once again. The fulfillment of the plan for that race was aborted, somewhat abruptly, towards the end. The sinking of the land masses within the continent of Atlantis washed away the cultural, spiritual and technological heritage of that Seed Race. Nevertheless, during that cycle in Atlantis, humanity worked on perfecting the Emotional Body, an energy body that is Feminine or Magnetic by nature. During the present cycle we are perfecting the Mental Body, an energy body which is Masculine or electric by nature. During the next cycle we will be engaged in perfecting our spirit body; spiritual by substance, Magnetic and Feminine by nature.

Seed of Life: This refers to the Seed which holds the Life Force for the entire manifest Creation. This Seed is held in the Divine Mother’s Heart. She will bestow this Seed upon those who choose to serve her and in so doing become the Beacons of her Light on Earth. Floodgates of manifestation for material and spiritual abundance can be opened to all who make this choice. Divine Mother has been the Guardian of this Seed from the point where Creation took manifest form. To safeguard the purity of this Seed, Divine Mother has waged many wars against darkness and won many battles on behalf of Light.

Selfless Service: As we grow in our spiritual awareness, we understand the significance of Selfless Service. Selfless Service is the kind of service where monetary gain is not the prevalent reason for providing the service but the joy of serving and helping others is. A life of Selfless Service does not mean you let others abuse you; a life of Selfless Service does not mean you sacrifice the body, the mind or the emotions.  This body is the temple of God.  By sacrificing the body at this present moment you will not be able to accomplish the final task; that of service. Selfless Service means serving in a continuous basis in ways and means where your self interest is not the spearhead; where your self interest is not the motivation. 

Even if financial gain, physical gain, spiritual gain is made from a project; it is still an act of Selfless Service if it is done with the intention of serving.  In the Universal Law of Divine Love, service does not deny you gain.  The difference between service from the cosmic point of view and service from the karmic point of view is that service from the cosmic point of view looks ahead and chooses projects that serve multitudes and masses.  The individual person may gain from the project; certainly everyone has to gain.  The idea is that everyone would be gaining, that no one would be deprived, least of all the person who has performed the selfless act.  What promotes the law of cause and effect is when the only reference is to gain.  If the personal motivation is to gain, that will cause karma; it creates it.  050605jifoSAKU.

Scepters of Power: Personal Scepter of Power a tool for self empowerment. Even though an energetic substance, they have physical impact in our lives. Visualizing the personal Scepter of Power held above the head is a universal symbol to denote power and authority. It sends a signal that the intentions are impacted by the power held within the scepter. This tool can be used for personal intentions as well as for the good of all.

The Anchoring of the energies of the Maha Lord and the Seven Lords of Light was a process which began in 2005. Masters such as Jeshua Ben Joseph, St. Germain, Sanat Kumara, Metatron and Divine Mother were instrumental in this endeavor. During channeling sessions, the Masters would take us to the realms and the Thrones setting intention for the return of the guardianship of the Lords of Light. A tool of empowerment for the manifestation of this plan was the Scepter of Power. Over the course of two years, from 2005 to 2007, the Masters activated our Scepters of Power with a set of intentions. These were for,

  • Annihilation of evil and all acts of evil from Earth;
  • Removal of darkness from all people, places and things and from all aspects of life on Earth;
  • The return of the guardianship of Maha Lord and the Seven Lords of Light to reign of Earth and to over-light the consciousness of all souls.

Metatron called a handful of people who dedicated themselves to this cause. They held their Scepter of Power above their heads, called upon the Angelic Forces of Light, Masters of Light, Great Beings of Light and Great Cosmic Beings of Light to stand in grid formation setting the above intentions in motion. Dedicated individual souls vigilantly performed the meditational exercise of this grid formation twice a day. Sometimes they added momentum by coming together to perform ceremonies in portal days and other important energy days. The intensities of the energies became palpable in group setting.

(See also Rod of Power)

Global Scepter of Power is given to us by Sanat Kumara. Its main purpose is to facilitate and to empower our global intentions. This scepter is offered to those in service to the Light whose desire is to consciously fulfill their Divine Mission. It also empowers the intention pertinent at global scale.

Galactic Scepter of Power is a gift bestowed by our Galactic Logos. This empowerment tool takes the matter further into the Realms of Light and allows empowerment from beyond the global realms to come to our aid.

Universal Scepter of Power is a tool of empowerment bestowed by Lord Melchizedek, the Universal Logos. This empowerment tool allows the energies from the universal core to come to our aid.

Cosmic Scepter of Power is the ultimate tool where the energies are called from the Cosmic Conglomerate. Specific intentions can be set through the activation of the Personal, Global, Galactic, Universal, and Cosmic simultaneously. The outcome can be magnified when Ascended Masters, Great Beings and Cosmic Beings and specific Angelic Forces of Light are called to join in.

Seven Rays: White Light on its journey down to the realms of Form begins to contact physical matter.  This contact causes the White Light to become differentiated or fractured, just as sunlight shining through a prism is split or fractured. From this event, Seven Rays are created. You see the Seven Rays illuminated in nature as a rainbow, a sun-bow or a moon-bow. Whenever Pure Light faces resistance, it fractures into fragments. Those fragments are the Rays. These Seven Rays become the catalyst to uphold a specific energy and quality brought forth from the higher realms.

Energies and qualities of the Seven Rays are:

  • Ray 1                     Blue                             Divine Will
  • Ray 2                     Yellow                         Divine Wisdom
  • Ray 3                     Pink                             Divine Love
  • Ray 4                     White                           Focus and Mental Clarity
  • Ray 5                     Emerald Green             Truth and Hope
  • Ray 6                     Ruby Red & Gold        Service
  • Ray 7                     Violet                           Transmutation & Ceremonial Order

The Beams of Light emanating from each of the Seven Rays bring the focus of that Divine Quality into this Third Dimensional Realm. The lower dimensional realms are then charged with these Seven Rays, the differentiated version of the Pure White Light. In the Higher Dimensional Realms, the Light remains Pure and Brilliant and therefore, undifferentiated as Pure White Light. Undifferentiated Source is the source of “All That Is” before the Light separated or multiplied itself into Seven Rays and into Form. The Seven Rays of Light in their descent into density move through the Thrones and ultimately reach into the solidified bodies of matter.

Each individual human being, incarnate on Earth at this present time, is therefore, illuminated or has become enlivened by the emanations from one of the Seven Rays. The Ray remains the same for each individual and all souls in that soul lineage i.e. souls from the First Ray, Second Ray, etc. (for more on the Seven Rays, refer to The Lords of the Seven Rays, by Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet and Gifts III, by Nasrin Safai).

The souls for each Ray have a cycle of time to incarnate on Earth, learn their lessons and leave to make room for the souls of the next Ray. That was the intention written into the Original Divine Plan for this phase of Earth’s evolution. However, at this present moment, the Earth is over polluted and over populated because the souls from all the Rays, One through Seven, are still here. We need to open ourselves to receive much greater Light from the Undifferentiated Source and the Paramatman Light. This will raise the vibration of Earth and all souls, helping them to find their way to greater Light and leave these lower vibrational frequencies where pain and struggle reign. The ideal solution would be to bring the Light and immerse these lower dimensions into the Seven Rays, thereby relieving Earth and the souls of their pollution. Once cleansed, their vibration can be raised to Higher Light, to Brilliant Light, to Pure White Light. This is why Metatron calls upon the Light from Paramatman and the Heart-core of the Undifferentiated Source to pour down. He calls forth this Light to the I Am That I Am and through it to the bodies of all souls. We have the choice to accelerate our spiritual growth by receiving this Light, embodying this Light and becoming this Light. Then we will become the conduit for dispensing the Light to all souls and to Earth.

Seven Rays and Twin Flames: Do the Twin Flame Souls begin on the same Ray together? They begin on one ball of Light. That ball of Light, on its journey to become matter, first splits into two. At the point where they split, they choose practically opposite ends of the spectrum. So if one Twin starts at the beginning of the spectrum, they will be choosing from Rays 1, 2, or 3 and the Twin Flame on the other side would be choosing 6, 5 and 4. The reason why, until recently (up to the early 1970’s) hardly anybody choose the 7th Ray, is that the souls of the 7th Ray are of much greater spiritual evolution in one aspect, and not of Earth but of much brighter stars.

The 7th Ray Souls are usually Twin Flames with one another. They make agreements to come on the 7th Ray and meet again in order to begin the return journey back to Non-Manifest and Non-Matter. The 7th Ray is the last one in a 14,000 year cycle. Therefore, through the 7th Ray, the Twin Flames can find each other and merge into Oneness again. They have fewer reunions at this present moment in this level of evolution of Earth. META 050525.

A highly evolved soul allowed itself to be fragmented. Each fragment begins a journey from the Realms of Light to the 3rd Dimension of matter. The fragmentation in our Reality begins at Universal level. At the Core of our Universe is the Soul of Melchizedek.

See also Creation.

Signature Energy:

When you move to Higher Dimensions of Reality, it’s the Signature Energy, which is a bandwidth, a specific bandwidth of Light with specific vibrational frequency.  That combination creates a certain colored Light, and great beings know each other through that Signature Energy.  It’s like knowing someone who uses a certain perfume, and knowing that that someone has been around because your eyes are not as yet capable of seeing the emanation of color from various beings and at the Third Dimensional Realm, the density of body dims the Light that each individual vibrates.  In higher Dimensions, we work with the Signature Energy, which is a specific bandwidth of Light, vibrating a certain frequency.

Each of these Beings carry their own specific frequency.  It could be the tiniest of vibration different, but it is noticeable to them. And that’s how they know each other; that’s how we know each other.  For example, Cosmic Mother of the Universe has that vibrant pink.  All of the Beings from her own immediate vicinity and all of the Cosmic Guardians who work with her, vibrate to that same vibrational frequency.  Each of them has a slightly different bandwidth; a slightly different vibrational frequency; a slightly different bandwidth.  But they’re all tuned to the same vibrant pink Light; they all emanate the same.  And that’s how you know that they’re one species.  You know they’re the same species because of their Light.  DIMO 1110.

Solar Plexus: The Solar Plexus is the Chakra located at your belly button. It is your power center. The Solar Plexus connects us with the energies of the sun in order to fulfill one’s act of service, one’s mission in life and to ignite the Divine Will, as dispensed from the Father for this System to the Child.

Soul Fragmentation: Lord Melchizedek in his compassion for all that is created through him has chosen to allow the fragmentation of his own Soul from the universal level all the way through the myriad of galaxies and further down to star systems and planetary levels reaching to this mundane reality of Earth. Lord Melchizedek has explained the concept of soul fragmentation through the following.

“To explain soul fragmentation I have to take you to a long time ago at the point where differentiation begins. This is an important historic event, hardly ever discussed which begins at the cosmic conglomerate. However to connect you to the cosmic conglomerate I must begin with Earth. Planet Earth is a small planet within a solar system with Sanat Kumara as its residing deity. The Logos for your solar system is known as Lord Helios and his consort is Lady Vesta. This solar system is a small system within the Milky Way galaxy. The galactic core of the Milky Way is known as the central sun of the galaxy. The Galactic Logos for Milky Way is Lord Melchior and his consort is Lady Melchai. There are millions of star systems within this galaxy even though it is a small galaxy compared to others in the universe. Many millions of galaxies together make a universe. A universe has its own core and its own central sun. The deities of the Universe are Lord Melchizedek and Lady Malak. She is hardly ever mentioned in literature at this present moment.

A name carries the energy signature of a person or a being. When a Master, a Great Being, or a Great Cosmic Being allows their name to be known, they accept their name to be called upon. This means that they offer their presence and energy at your service. After they reach a certain level of Light, such deities do not desire to be called because once called upon they must lower their energy to respond to you at your level of reality. This can lead to the contamination of their energy due to the density of the realms which you live in. At this present point in the evolution of Earth, few human beings can understand, absorb, digest and work with such intensity of energies like the Universal Logos or his consort Lady Malak, the Feminine Principle for the universe. You have heard of Melchizedek in the history and in the scriptures, however not with the understanding that he is the Universal Logos. This entire Universe is under his auspices. This means that his consciousness over-lights this entire Universe. It is obvious therefore, that it is impossible for the totality of who Melchizedek is as a Universal Logos to speak to you and enter into a body. Therefore, this Melchizedek who speaks to you in a channeling session is a drop from the ocean of the Universal Logos which has lowered his energy to a point where you can receive his Light and understand the teaching. This exercise, of course requires great sacrifice both on behalf of Melchizedek and any other Great Being and the channel. The channel must raise his or her vibrational frequency to meet the energies of the Great Beings to meet and merge in order to bring you the information.

Melchizedek in his entirety as a Universal Logos covers expanses of vast consciousness. An entire Universe has billions of galaxies and multiple billions of star systems. Therefore, I say ‘he’ while talking about myself as Melchizedek. I am a fragment of that Great Being who has lowered his energy and his Light to the point where you can hear me without burning this channel or you. I speak of Melchizedek in third person, as though I am referring to another being. Those of you who are awakened to your divinity and are at the point of recalling your Divine Melchizedek Blueprint are fragments from the streams of the original Melchizedek soul. You have come from the same universal core to be the Light in the depth of duality of form.”

Many souls incarnated in physical embodiment at this present juncture in Earth’s evolution carry a drop from the ocean of that original Melchizedek Soul Essence. The level of soul fragmentation through eons of lifetime has led us to forget our true origin, yet the spark of Melchizedek Divinity exists within our soul. It is the desire of Lord Melchizedek to awaken that spark and remind us of our true origin.

By so doing, it is his plan to return Earth and all corresponding star systems and galaxies to the original purity of Pure White Light in spite of the fragmentation into the Seven Rays and the density of this reality. This is a revolutionary action on the part of Lord Melchizedek and all the Great Beings and Masters of Light and Wisdom who support him in this endeavor. It is therefore of utmost importance that we realize the significance of recalling our own Melchizedek essence from the core of the universe. We must pave the path to full recovery of the memories of our own Melchizedek essence by allowing the imprint of the Original Blueprint to take effect within our Five Body Systems; awakening our DNA structure to the Original Divine Plan.

The threads of the tapestry of Light which carry our Melchizedek essence continue to be woven into the fabric of time and space. Lord Melchizedek has offered to retrieve the original thought-form from the mind of God which will allow us to reunite with him in the Pure White Light of the universal core while we continue to live in the density of this third dimensional reality. Imagine finding a way outside the norm of time-space continuum to create a shift in the nature of reality. By shifting the reality from its present focus on duality of dark and Light, good and bad, pain and pleasure, to a new unprecedented one, we are able to recall our own Melchizedek source and begin to weave its threads into the tapestry of life on Earth once again.

Every night call upon the members of the Soul Lineage of Melchizedek. Ask that four members of the Melchizedek Brotherhood stand, one in each corner, North, East, South and West. Then call upon Archangel Michael and his Legions. Ask Archangel Michael to stand in the center of your bedroom with his Sword of Mercy out of its sheath held above his head. Then visualize that Legions of Archangel Michael stand shoulder to shoulder in between each member of the Melchizedek Brotherhood. They all hold their Swords of Mercy pointing up to the center of the room to create a Dome of Light. This formation indicates that all lower vibrational forces will be annihilated at contact. In this way you will be protected in the Light of Melchizedek Brotherhood and the protection of the Legions of Michael.

Soul Lineage of Light: Every human Being on Earth has a Soul Lineage of Light. This is the Soul’s family tree or history. This soul family stays the same from one incarnation to the next. The Soul Lineage was formed when the Pure White Light descended from the Undifferentiated Source and entered into the Realm of Matter. In its descent to matter it slowed down. As matter became solidified, it offered greater resistance to the Pure White Light, causing it to fracture as though going through a prism.

From the fracture came the Seven Rays which are similar but not exactly the same as the seven colors of the rainbow. Each Ray carries a quality. These qualities were given to the Rays by the Seven Mighty Elohim, who are the architects and builders of our universe. When souls began to take bodies of matter, they chose one of these Seven Rays and its quality to represent them. A soul adopts the quality attributed to their chosen Ray. In each incarnation, we choose a different personality who is ruling over the body, but the Soul Ray stays the same. When we grow and evolve ourselves spiritually, we are, simultaneously, evolving our Soul Ray and our Soul Lineage of Light. As part of that Soul Family, all family members benefit from all that we do. Taken from Gifts III, Journeys into the Inner Realms of Consciousness by Nasrin Safai.

Soul Mates: The original Soul at its core is a ball of Light. The Light splits into two and each one becomes the Twin Flame to the other. Each half or each Twin Flame on its journey through time and space splits further. Each splitting of the soul at these levels is known as soul fragmentation. Each of these Soul Fragments are Soul Mates to each other. This does not pertain to the gender of each fragment. Members of both polarities can be incarnated in male or female bodies at any given time. All the soul fragments which are created from further polarization of the electronic polarity are soul mates and all the fragments created from the magnetic polarity are soul mates to each other.

Soul mates and Twin Flames are different. Soul mates are alike because they are created or fragmented from the same half, whereas the Twin Flames are created from opposite halves and therefore the split image of each other. Therefore, there is a distinct difference between soul mates and Twin Flames. However, in most available literature the two terms are used interchangeably without a distinction.

The Ascended Masters have a special interest in bringing the Twin Flames together because the evolution of each soul depends upon the union of the two split halves or the original Twin Flames. When destiny and the Free Will choices of both halves provide an opportunity for uniting the Twin Flames, the Masters work hard to bring such an event to a successful conclusion.

In essence, a soul would not truly know wholeness unless it finds its Twin Flame, experiences union and breaks the chasm of polarity and duality to return to Unity. However, sometimes the circumstances may only allow a fleeting experience of Oneness. In other cases the meeting of the Twin Flames may not even lead to a romantic relationship. Furthermore, many a romantic or social relationship between Twin Flames has been known to breakdown due to the emotional and mental depth and intensity of the relationship. But don’t let any of this discourage you. There are exercises where the Masters call upon the Higher Self of your spiritual Twin Flame to come into the meditations and become united with you. This union, although not physical, is extremely important and impactful as it allows the full experience of Oneness to be achieved and your Soul to continue into greater evolution. See also Twin Flames.

Soul Retrieval; Retrieving Soul Aspects that have left, are dormant or are sleeping: Sometimes Aspects of the Soul leave the body when the person is unawakened and/or there is too much pain and trauma. Soul retrieval is a means to call upon and facilitate the return of these fragments of the Soul Fragments of the Soul back to the body. Metatron provides an exercise for this purpose below.

Set out your intentions in the presence of all the Great Beings of Light and call upon your Higher Self, Lower Self, Male and Female Aspects, Soul and all Fragments of your Soul who have left because earth was no longer conducive to their work. Call on all Fragments who have become dormant, who feel earth is no longer conducive to their work. Call upon Fragments who have become complacent because the Personality Aspects have not been listening or acting in ways that the Soul would desire it and is in keeping with your contract as a member of your own Soul Lineage.

Awaken them, demand that they awaken and come back. Demand that they awaken and start acting. Demand that they begin to become the embodiment of your Soul Mission and work with your Personality Aspects in the Light of what we have conquered, the Higher Self, Lower Self or Inner Child, Soul Aspects, Personality Aspects, Male and Female Aspects, Conscious Self and Witness. Metatron 090705 RCG II SESSION 3

Sound, Sacred Syllables and Creation: Metatron states; the entire creation has come to being because of sound. In the Bible it has been said, “In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the Word was God.” Why would the Word be God, because God in non-manifest form sits in the Great Great Silence in complete peace without any ripples of sound or physical action. In Fact God in non-manifest form is massless matter, although that phrase is a contradiction in terms. If it is massless, how can it be matter? So, it is massless substance. Now, in order for the massless substance to take form, there needs to be a ripple; there needs to be a spark; there needs to be something that begins a ripple; a ripple which then begins action, action that is created by motion.

That motion is created by sound which has been encapsulated in this one sentence in the Bible as the Word. So, what is a quality of a word? That is has sound. Words are made of sound syllables and we know that words have energies and potencies. OM is the primordial sound. It holds the balance of male and female. It encapsulates that Divine Spark in its non-manifest form, brought to manifest, without contamination.

This is why sounding the sacred syllable OM at any time in any situation will bring your body to a place of peace and clarity. And when you sound it out loud, the resonation of the sound has a vibrational frequency which brings to perfection the environment around you, your cell structure and even within your DNA. Your cells come to a place of peace and harmony.

I have said this before and I say it again, if you take any sounds of nature and put it through a synthesizer, they all fall into small sacred syllables that sound like these Seed mantras that you have and finally into OM. There are alchemical potencies to Sacred Syllables. If I were to explain the importance of the energy held within each of these mantras, what constitutes the energy of a mantra and what each of these sacred syllables mean, we would need six sessions. To talk about the Alchemy of sound and sacred potencies of the sound syllables, there are in fact sacred potencies to sound syllables and there are important values attached to each.

Creatures of nature are in tune with nature, the heart beat of Mother Earth resonates to the sound of OM and to these Seed Mantras.

OM; the primordial sound, is balanced in male and female. Metatron 090705 RCG II SESSION 3.

Spark of Light: its Origin: St. Germain has described the origin of the Spark of Light and the illumination of the Spark to become the Flame of God-Unity in this way,

“The spark begins from the Great Void. It journeys from the core of the Great Silence, to the surface of the Great Void, to manifest in form. While it is inside the Great Void it has no physical existence. When it comes to the surface, it becomes the All Pervading Light. Speck of that Spark becomes the Flame of God-Unity and resides within the heart of all souls. To keep it protected, the Spark is placed inside of the Sphere of Remembrance. The sphere helps to encapsulate the memories of all creation, from the moment of its conception to full manifest creation.”

Sphere of Remembrance: Over eons of lifetimes souls begin to forget their Oneness with the Source of Creation. Therefore the Flame becomes dim or is extinguished and the sphere, inactive.  The memories of God-Unity and all codes of Oneness and codes for the entire manifest creation are held within it. The Flame remains unlit and the Sphere inactive while a person is spiritually un-awakened. When the person awakens the sphere becomes activate and the Flame is ignited inside the heart of each soul.

Sphere of Illumination: When illuminated, the Sphere of Remembrance becomes the Sphere of Illumination. The ignition and illumination leads to greater awakening and acceleration of spiritual energies within the person. The Sphere of Illumination vibrates a Golden-Platinum Light and the Flame of God-Unity emanates Pure White Light throughout the sphere.  Activating your Sphere of Illumination every morning as you arise will help you remain connected to the Supreme Consciousness that has created this entire manifest creation. That Supreme Consciousness can directly depart to you the wisdom and knowledge of everything in manifest creation. No knowledge or wisdom can compare to the direct communication with the Source of Universal Consciousness.

Spiritizing Matter & Materializing Spirit: Metatron calls the act of moving from the darkness of matter to union in Light, Spiritizing Matter. By Spiritizing Matter, we move from the chaos rampant in the Age of Kali Yuga to the peace and harmony of the Age of Satva Yuga.  On the other hand, when we leave the Age of Satva and the Light of Spirit to further immerse ourselves into the world of Matter, we are Materializing Spirit. We do this in order to bring the wisdom, peace and harmony of Satva Yoga to the mundane world of matter.

Alongside of Spiritizing Matter, we now are anchoring the energies to Materialize Spirit. Matter by its own essence and due to its density holds darkness. Therefore Spiritizing it means that you bring Light to darkness. Up to a certain level, it is sufficient to Spiritize Matter, but if you wish to reach levels that vibrate much lower densities, spirit has to immerse itself into the body of matter. It creates confinement and limitation and it has its own trappings such as forgetfulness, ignorance regarding one’s own divinity, slowing down of the mind, lack of reception of the Divine Thought-forms.  In a nutshell, getting stuck in the duality and (being) overcome by darkness.

Many great beings of Light in their effort to Materialize Spirit have faced such destiny. Many others have come to rescue and themselves got caught up in the density of the matter and became blind to the Light, forgetting their true mission. For the length of time that we were working on Spiritizing Matter, I (Sanat Kumara) would come to Earth and blow the Breath of Life from my own Beingness into the body of matter on Earth. I would bring the Flame of Eternal Light to ignite the Life Force and to anchor Eternal Life on Earth. All that could be lifted up simply from Spiritizing Matter and being rescued from the duality was rescued. All that which remained was the density of matter steeped in condensed darkness and those levels, the Spark of Light held within the bodies of matter was less than the Quotient necessary to vouch safe my presence: less than what was needed to magnetize the Light as magnificent as mine to itself. 050513jifoSAKU.

Spiritizing Matter and Materializing Spirit: It is Metatron’s firm conviction that to simply do one or the other will not suffice any longer. For thousands of years, the focus has been on Spiritizing Matter. This means that we come to Earth, take a physical body and work our way out of the body to return to spirit, leaving this dense realm of Earthly duality behind. He states that to end duality, return to Unity and maintain that Union, once and for all, we must learn to Spiritize Matter and Materialize Spirit, simultaneously. Spiritizing Matter will move the matter into the Realm of Spirit, Materializing Spirit will bring spirit into the realm of matter. We will not just Spiritized the matter of our physical bodies and then leave the planet, but stay here long enough to materialize the essence of that spirit back into the dense body of Earth’s matter. Metatron maintains that we need both to accomplish the ultimate task.  It is his desire to teach us to do both. This is an unprecedented event which will bring Unity to Earth and take duality out of the picture once and for all.

Sushumna Column: This spiritual column, which houses all the chakras within the body, is known in Sanskrit as the Sushumna (soo-shoom-na) column or channel. Nadi, in Sanskrit, means a tube, vessel or vain. It is an energetic column of Light which sits directly over our spinal column. The Sushumna Column guards our Chakra System within the subtle body in the same way that our spinal column guards our nervous system in the Physical Body. Karunamayi states that 72,000 nadis run along our energy bodies. The most important nadi is the Sushumna Column. The sun energy runs along the right side of this column and the moon energy runs along the left side. The sun represents the Male Aspect and the moon, the Female Aspect, therefore balancing the Male and the Female Polarities of the body. Our spiritual energy known as Kundalini (Koon-da-li-nee), is sitting at the bottom of the Sushumna Column in our Root Chakra, located over the tailbone. For as long as we remain spiritually unawakened, this energy remains dormant.