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The Reference Library is a resource intended to provide background information that may be helpful in grasping a full understanding of the material offered in Path to Enlightenment Mystery School Courses. The Reference Library is composed of:

bibliography of books, including those authored by Nasrin, James and other PTE Mystery School Contributors,

Recommended web sites, and

The Glossary gives the meaning of terms and concepts from the mouth of Divine Mother, the Council of the Divine Feminine and the Masters. The information in the Glossary is comprised of definitions and explanations given through Nasrin in channeling sessions. In this way, a more comprehensive explanation is given and sometimes by more than one Ascended Being. As is always the case, these explanations are multi-layered and have great depth. If, in some cases, the meaning is not clear to you at the first reading, you will probably gain clarity as you delve deeper into the coursework.