Project Awakening 2010

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Waves of Bliss and PTE Mystery School


Project Awakening 2010


What are we trying to do? The Masters have promised that when we take one step to promote their Light, they will take 10 steps to help us succeed. Let us join together and embark upon Project Awakening at this critical and monumental time in our history where we can co-create our own Reality and alchemically change the course of our future. In this way, together we can reach to the multitudes and masses to bring mass awakening.


We have 3 Primary Goals

1. We plan to give those who are on the verge of awakening a chance to awaken to their Divinity and walk on the path to Spiritual Growth and Evolution. These are souls ready and waiting for a catalyst, an event, to trigger them to take that first step toward their Spiritual growth.  We will also provide tools and guidance to accelerate those who have already taken the first few steps.

 2. To give those who have committed themselves to serving Earth and Humankind a chance to take action to be that catalyst for their friends, family, loved ones and not so loved ones.

3. To raise the Quotient of Light through awakening and accelerating others, another level of critical mass can be reached and we can succeed in removing another layer of pain and suffering from Earth and Humankind.


How can Waves of Bliss help facilitate this?

1. WOB will set up a blog for all who wish to participate in this project to interact with others working on this project to share ideas and discuss their experiences.

2. Make resources available at cost, that may be useful to anyone who has a good idea and can make use of them to serve others.

3. Post a list of ways that participants have discovered which can support the project. For example:

                * Give a book/CD or WOB web site address to a friend.

                * Share schedules of tours and web addresses of living Saints and Spiritual Teachers whose  programs we support, such as: Sai Maa, Mother Meera, Karunamayi, Ammachi, Mirabi Devi, Sai Baba.


How can you help facilitate this?

1. We encourage everyone to post on the blog Spiritual Teachers and Masters whom you feel share        similar purpose with us.

2. Gather a group to listen to a live course or a meditation on CD, or web download..

3. Leave a Book at appropriate locations; your doctor or dentist office, Yoga studios, holistic stores, nutritionists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, massage thearapists.etc.

4. Become a group leader and start a study group using our books and materials to introduce the Masters to newly awakening Souls. If you are interested in starting a study group, send an email to Nasrin.

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Thank you, Kathy! Thank you, Nasrin! Thank you, Jim! Thank you, everybody at Waves of Bliss for participating in this fun-filled life! Cheers to the New Earth!

Love and Light,


This is an amazing project and I am very honored to be a part of it. Thank you Nas!

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