Project Awakening January 2011

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PTE Mystery School


Special Project Awakening Group Channeling Event

St. Germain’s Violet Bubble of Protection

Tuition: $35.00

Your help is needed. From time to time, there are circumstances that require immediate attention. We have an opportunity at this critical point in time and space to make a great impact.

During this event, Divine Mother will be guiding us through a meditation to clear the energy field of Earth of negative energies and to create a Bubble of Protection for all souls, especially the Indigo, Star Children and Crystal Children. We will be guided to call upon Lord Buddha’s energies of non-violence and Quan Yin’s energies of compassion to join forces with St. Germain’s Violet Flame, Violet Ray and Violet Light.

Our focus is to establish a Bubble of Protection around the souls, age 17 through 35, most of who are on the Seventh Ray. Divine Mother has been requesting our attention specifically on these souls, as they are more vulnerable and are the reason for the creation of Project Awakening. Since these are the souls who will take us into the New Age, it is in our best interest to provide as much protection and guidance as we can.

Tuition: $35.00


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