New Beginnings

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Some of life’s best decisions are not always the easy ones. Sometimes we are faced with the choice of living in our truth or to continue living in the illusion of truth and lose our emotional or mental wellbeing, health and wholeness. In a lifetime we are bound to begin and oftentimes end many relationships for one reason or another. This requires an investment in time and energy, and can be taxing especially when our decisions to begin or end a relationship involves not just us but also involves other souls. Our worries and concerns about what the outcome may be, and how it may affect others may cause our mind to shut down and avoid change. Without realizing it, we may be blocking ourselves from moving forward and experiencing what  may be awaiting us in the future by continuing to live in the chaos and clutter of what we could be leaving behind. Our minds have an ability to convince us that staying in dysfunctional relationships and disregarding our emotional and physical needs are the best solution.

Sometimes it is easier to work on ourselves than to keep entering and exiting relationships as our lessons do not go away with the old relationship. In fact, it is most likely that whatever unresolved issues we carry over into a new relationship can become the root cause for even greater disappointments and heartache. It is therefore advisable when we end a relationship that we address the issues and attend to the work that needs to be done before considering a new one.

The masters can help us in every aspect of our lives. Ending old relationships and entering into new ones are no exception. They help us first by bringing our personal issues to the surface to examine, and then helping us figure out how to resolve them. It is beautiful to share our life in  complete, mental, emotional and physical health and wholeness with a special someone, a friend, a coworker, our children, parents, siblings and the society at large. We all want others to be a witness to our life and to share in our tears as well as our joy. The masters can walk us through the learning curve in order to accelerate the process of release of the old dysfunctional patterns and the ushering in of the positive and productive ways to live and function in conjunction with others.

In the following Grid of Light Quan Yin offers us a simple, yet potent and beautiful meditation and invocational prayer to help us move from unhappy relationships to make room and pave a pathways for the new ones to appear in our horizon. This is a great way to begin a new year.

My Children of Light, I am Quan Yin.

Take a deep breath and visualize that you and Quan Yin are standing face to face. I will call your main primary guide, to come to help with this process. Your main primary guide is going to appear in the form of a beautiful angel with loving, nurturing feminine energy. Angels are generally androgynous; yet this angelic guardian is not like Archangel Michael, but more like Raphael or Yahoweh-El whose energy is feminine.

Envision seeing Lights emanating from the body of your Main Primary Angelic Guide with her  wings  spread out. Ask the angel to come closer and look into her eyes. You may get an impression of her facial features and her body. Pause for a moment to build an energetic rapport with her.  When you feel ready visualize that she spreads her wings around you and you merge into her. Breathe and bathe in her love. Pause and absorb her love.

You will see an infusion of blue and green Lights. Sometimes you see sparks of red and yellow or the whole rainbow range plus platinum and gold shimmering and shining from the body of your Main Primary Guide to you.

“I would really appreciate it if you give me a name. It can be sacred syllables or sound.”

Step into the Light and merge with this being. Your main primary guide engulfs you as it spreads its wings and absorbs you to herself. Begin setting intentions and prayers in your own words as you stand inside of this being first and then if you wish to end an existing relationship say,

“In the name of Divine Mother I ask for clearing of the karma between myself and (name of person(s) you wish to end a relationship with) and opening the pathways for us to find our happiness separate from each other. I surrender this relationship in its entirety to Divine Mother and I ask that she would help us choose the highest path in alignment with her will. I ask Divine Mother to plant the seed of our best future within our individual hearts. I ask the blueprint for the seed of life which will be fulfilling for each of us to be downloaded through the main primary guide, into my five body system and into (name of separating partner or the relationship which is ending)

If you wish to start a new relationship say,

“Through the intersession of Divine Mother I ask to find a soul mate, a companion, a friend, someone that I can intimately love and be loved by. I ask for (name of children if any and anyone else who will be affected by this new relationship) to make the transition with ease and grace. I ask for shower of Light to pour from Divine Mother through my main primary angelic guide and I call upon my next companion, someone who will love and nurture me, protect and guide me, and spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically be my match; someone who will continue to walk on the spiritual and mundane paths at the same pace as myself so that we can walk this path, if possible, for a long period of time into the future.”

Imagine that a red carpet opens up before you and your new partner (friend, companion, business partner, etc) comes to stand in front of you.

Call to the Divine Mother and say,

“When the time is right and until the time is right give me a chance to prepare myself, give him/her/them a chance to be prepared, give everyone else who would be impacted to be prepared so that this whole transition is done with ease and grace. I ask for financial, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual support. I ask that my companion walk the spiritual path with the same pace that I do and enjoy communicating with me as I enjoy communicating with him/her/them on the teachings, the practices, on our visions, meditations and experiences throughout our relationship. I ask that the entire relationship, first and foremost be based on compatibility; someone/people who is(are) spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically compatible with me. I ask for someone/those who is(are) willing to change and walk the path with the same pace as I am. I ask for someone/those who nurtures me, teaches me, takes care of me; someone that I can take  care of, nurture, teach and have spiritual, physical, emotional and mental exchanges with.”

Breathe and bathe.  You may repeat this as many times as you feel necessary for nine days, 22 days, three months or for as long as you need to accomplish the desired results. You may replace and change the words appropriate for your desired outcome.

I hold you in my own heart. Call upon me in every situation and I will be there to help you.

I am your mother, Quan Yin.

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