Why Am I Here

Your Divine Mission and Your Dharma

The question why am I here is an increasingly common one. As mentioned before, until we can look at ourselves and our world in an expanded context, it is very hard to make sense of anything, including our reason for being dropped right in the middle of all of this mayhem. Awareness of the Cosmic Context makes it is easier to understand the concepts of Divine Mission and Dharmic Life.

Your Divine Mission

The Cosmos was created from the Feminine Creative Principle according to Divine Will and manifesting Creation in greater and greater perfection, according to that Divine Will, is one way of seeing the overall Divine Mission of every Being taking part in this Divine Cosmic Game. The Divine Love of the Feminine Principle of existence is what holds this Creation together. The one constant that all else rides upon is the Consciousness of Divine Love. The Divine Love of the Feminine Principal is brought into manifestation through Divine Will by the Masculine Principle.  As Creation evolves and the Divine continues to find new ways to express itself, all individualized pieces must find a way to be the manifest expression of Divine Love to return to the Source of that love. We refer to this Feminine Creative Force as Divine Mother. Although the Divine Feminine needs no Form, she has consolidated her energy, at great sacrifice, into Form as Divine Mother so that her children can more easily relate to her, as their own Divine Mother.

We all participate in the grand play of expressing Divine Will throughout Creation and we all ultimately have the same over-all Divine Mission. In order to fulfill this over-all Divine Mission, each Cosmos, Omniverse, Universe, Galaxy, Star System and Planet have their own part to play. Relative to each system, the Soul Lineages of Light, who choose to bring the Divine Will to that planet, galaxy, etc. each also have their own unique part to play.

In each lifetime we agree to accomplish another step, sometimes big and sometimes small, towards the goal of the Divine Mission for our own Soul Lineage of Light. That is what brought you here. If you didn’t have a Divine Mission relative to Earth at this point in Earth’s and humankind’s evolution, you would not be here; you would be somewhere else where you could be of greater service. You have made an agreement, a contract, to play your role, in this way, at this time. Whether we are aware of it or not, it is the reason we are here. Someone is called: awakened, when they have reached the point within themselves that they are consciously aware of that fact. They have become Enlightened and begin their journey of Enlightenment to discover more and more layers of their own Selves and of the Reality that  expands farther and farther before them.


Dharma and a Dharmic Life

While we all have a Divine Mission that is the underlying thread of our existence here, most of us are so embedded in seemingly endless karmic entanglement that discovering our Divine Mission and fulfilling it is far from our minds. Because we are at the end of a long dark cycle where the density has gotten even thicker than imagined possible, most people have acquired so much negative karma that their entire lives are spent trying to neutralize that bad karma. By the time enough dues are paid, enough bad karma repaid,  as much or more karma has been acquired and one can never get out from under their karma load.  A huge percentage of the population is in this closed cycle right now which brings even  further density and a harder road.

To add insult to injury, the Five Elements, the building blocks of this reality, resonate to this lower density as well. That is why it is so hard to move humankind away from war, corruption, poverty and disease. There is a sort of energetic inertia, a groove worn into the fabric of time and space that makes the slightest move toward war fall easily into place and huge efforts toward peace gain almost no momentum at all.

But still there is a voice deep within us saying, we must have a reason to be here and go through all this. Our hearts demand that it be so to justify all the hardship. The good news is that it is so. It most definitely is so. This is why Divine Mother and the Ascended Masters have made their presence know to a greater degree in the last few decades. They can help us jump out of this loop. They have promised that anyone that asks for help will receive it. They can help us understand the difference between living life for selfish gain which incurs more karmic dept and living a life of service, a darmic life,  that incurs good karma and takes us out of the endless loop.

The path to discovering our Divine Mission and pursuing it is to move from living a karmic life, in an endless circle of action-reaction, to living a Dharmic life, a life on the righteous path in sync with our Divine Mission.

The Law of Karma, or Cause and Effect, is a physical as well as spiritual law that we are bound to for as long as we take physical embodiment. Karma literally means actions and commonly implies actions with an impact or effect that gives rise to reactions. Everyone living on Earth is subject to karma or action and for every action, there is a reaction. That is a law of physics, as a scientist would say or that is a physical law, as the Masters would say.

Dharma points to righteousness. A Dharmic Path leads us to choose selfless service and has a bias toward goodness and righteousness. Dharmic Life is a life lived while choosing the higher path. It is the path that consciously puts us in a position to choose “self-less” service to others, as opposed to “self service.”

While the Dharmic Path is selfless, it is by its nature also self serving when we realize that we all are One and serving others is therefore serving ourselves. The saints and sages of all time have tried to bring this point across to us. We are all One and the pain of others is our pain and their pleasure is ours too. When we walk the Dharmic Path, we are mindful of our actions and place equal importance on the impact of these actions in others’ lives as well as our own. The Masters, living and ascended, are great examples of how to walk the Dharmic Path and live a Dharmic Life.

Karma in Context

One of the main things that makes it hard for someone, in this Materialistic Age, to move away from living a karmic life is the notion that when you behave selflessly, or share, or give a hand to help others, you are depleting what you have worked so hard for in terms of security and comfort for yourself. When you view it within the traditional context of hording, protecting and maneuvering for material gain, it looks like too big of a risk. But this is just the opposite of how Universal Law works.

Based on Universal Law: a) helping others is helping yourself, b) there is no lack in the Universe; c) the Universe is infinite and has infinite Abundance, and d) if you have material wealth it is due largely because of your Soul’s contract and Divine Mission in the first place.

The only lack there is, comes from our own fears and mind set; what we ourselves put there. If you give money to someone in need and your mind says, I’ll give but I know I will never get that money back, then you probably won’t. If you give that money knowing that there is no lack in the Universe and say, “I have some money I can give and I know it will come back to me 10 times over sooner or later,” then it probably will. Even better than the money returning, you won’t incur additional negative karma but good karma and merits with the Universe for helping someone in need.

The knowing that being given a chance to help another is a great gift; it is by the Grace of God that we are given that chance, has been lost to most people.  There is a sense of anxiousness and fear of giving that has embedded itself in our society. The truth is it earns you and your Soul Lineage great merits on the Cosmic Stage. If you were deprived of every opportunity to help others and express selflessness, that would be a great tragedy. Having said this, the tide is turning and the concept of sharing and helping others, with no expectations, is growing by leaps and bounds.

Moving away from the Karmic Path

We can choose to free ourselves from living life on a Karmic Path and shift gears to a Dharmic Path. This we have been doing through the courses at PTE Mystery School. To begin to fulfill our Divine Mission we must move away from all karmic entanglements and consciously choose to make choices which are right for us and for others. That puts us on the Dharmic Path.

The Masters provide us with shortcuts when they intercede on our behalf and sift through the alternate realities open to us, to choose those events which accelerate us on our Dharmic Path leading to the fulfillment of our Divine Mission.