PTE MS Founders

Path to Enlightenment Mystery School was founded in 2009 by

Nasrin Safai and James Foster.



Nasrin Safai is an internationally known lecturer in the field of esoteric spirituality.  Author of seven books in the field of metaphysics; she brings messages from the realms of the Spiritual Masters, Guides and Angels.  As the creator of Waves of Bliss, co-founder of Path to Enlightenment Mystery School and founder of Foundation for the Attainment of God-Unity (FAGU), Nasrin has devoted her life to serving Divine Mother, the Ascended Masters, Earth and Humankind.  Nasrin conducts Free Public Group Channeling Sessions where hundreds of people gather from around the world, via conference call, to help raise the Quotient of Light and anchor Ascension Energies on Earth.

Nasrin attended Chelsea School of Art in London, received a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Decorative Arts in Tehran, a Masters Degree in Environmental Planning from Nottingham University in England and did her Doctoral Studies in the, The Role of Women in the Development of the Third World. She has taught at Harvard University and universities and institutes of higher education around the world. Presently she holds the post of Professor of Esoteric Spirituality at Universal Seminary, where materials from her books are taught for college credit.


James Foster, AIA is co-founder and Managing Director of PTE Mystery School. James works in service to Divine Mother and the Masters through Waves of Bliss, Waves of Bliss Publishing, FAGU and in co-creating and establishing Path to Enlightenment Mystery School. The work that James and Nasrin have done, through thousands of hours of channeling, has resulted in the volumes of knowledge and wisdom that is the backbone of the Mystery School.   One of James’ highest priorities is to create PTE Academy, where the Mysteries taught at PTE MS can be integrated into various professions and taught, as an adjunct to Masters Programs, for credit at University Level.

James received a Degree in Energy Systems Engineering and Masters Degree in Architecture from Iowa State University. In addition to his responsibilities at all FAGU Institutions, Jim provides Architectural Design and Project Management Services and Property and Land Development Consulting Services through his companies, JMF Group and Kumas One Concepts.