Thrones of the Divine Feminine Part 1 – Phase 1

New Series From PTE MS

Thrones of the Divine Feminine

This course is Phase 1 of an extensive Home Study Series made up of 2 Parts. Part 1 has 3 Phases.

Divine Mother wants to gratefully praise and thank the Great Silent Watcher for this enormous sacrifice on her part to bring about this amazing event. 

Path to Enlightenment Mystery School: Thrones of the Divine Feminine Part 1 – Phase 1

Tuition is $150.00. For a limited time: $125.00.

Thrones of the Divine Feminine Series Description

Ever since Divine Mother has taken the reins in 2010, she has been waiting for the time to be right to anchor the Energies of the Divine Feminine throughout our Hierarchy. The time has finally come. The anchoring of the Feminine Principle in its Perfection throughout every level of this Reality is a crowning achievement for Divine Mother, Goddess Victory, Great Silent Watcher and all of the Cosmic Council of the Divine Feminine. It is also a great victory for each one of us, Earth and Humankind. There can be few higher callings that to bring your own Signature Energy into this most sacred of all events and offer your service in helping to anchor the Divine Feminine firmly into this Reality.

Phase I Description

 In Phase I, our focus is to fully over-light the presence and the Divinity of the Feminine Creative Force brought forth specifically through the Signature Energy of the Great Silent Watcher throughout the entire 144 Dimensions. We will invite the Great Silent Watcher to begin the process of over-lighting directly from the 144th and continue all the way to the Third Dimensional Reality.  Our intention is also to invite Beings such as Goddess of Victory, Cosmic Mother of the Universe, Cosmic Mothers of the Three Omniverses, and Cosmic Mother of the Cosmos to each contribute what they wish to this process, adding their own Signature Energy to this Hierarchy.

I will teach you the process and you will practice that exercise by creating the Grid of Light that I will give you in these Sessions.  This is where we begin.

This is a most advanced Course and it will be important that you have already participated in anchoring energies at all of the Higher Levels.  This is as much for your own benefit in order to expand your own energy field as it is for your ability to serve.  Divine Mother is as concerned about how the Light that moves through your body is gradually accelerated, gradually magnified as she is about the anchoring of the energies in the most pure and pristine fashion when you have become prepared for the process.

Prerequisites: There are 5 courses that are important prerequisites for this series.

They are:

PTE MS: Silent Watchers – Guardian angels of Earth and Humankind

PTE MS: Creation of Angelic Watchers with Melchizedek and Divine Mother

PTE MS:  Silent Watchers at the Throne of Ellah

PTE MS: Inaugurating Great Silent Watcher at Her New Thrones

PTE MS: Ceremony at Throne of Victory – Spring Equinox 2012

In order to give those who need to take one or two of the prerequisite course, they have been reduced to $33.00.


 Tuition: $125.00.


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