Summer Solstice 2011

Path to Enlightenment Mystery School: Summer Solstice 2011 with Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom

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We will celebrate Summer Solstice 2011 with a ceremony to welcome the return of Goddess Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom. As the embodiment of the qualities of Wisdom, Sophia has been the patroness of Wisdom and the guardian of the wise. You are invited to celebrate Summer Solstice in the company of Divine Mother and to receive and anchor the Template of True Wisdom from Sophia back on Earth. We will visit the etheric retreat of Wisdom over ancient Constantinople and bore a Tunnel of Light, saturated with the Energies of Wisdom, to connect the etheric retreat of Sophia to the Third Dimensional Reality.

King Solomon and Hagia Sophia:

Rulers and leaders rise to fame and glory, once they are blessed with the Overlighting presence of Sophia. King Solomon has been recorded in history as the most wise king and prophet. He was deeply influenced by the presence and guidance of Sophia. King Solomon built his famous Solomon Temple, erecting statues of his beloved Sophia in prime positions within the temple to guard and to raise the Energies of Wisdom. The historical date for the erection for Solomon’s Temple of Wisdom is 1000 years before Christ. After Solomon, Earth began a descent away from the high and mighty power of Sophia’s Wisdom and Sophia retrieved  her energy from Earth and moved it into the Ethers. Approximately 1500 years later she allowed her devoted and wise followers to erect a beautiful temple in her honor. She created a Tunnel of Light to connect her etheric retreat with the ancient city of Constantinople at around 500 AD. The structure, known as Hagia Sophia Mosque in present day Istanbul, Turkey, is still in place and has been used as a church and a mosque over the centuries but carrying only a fraction of her true energies. Divine Mother has invited Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom, to reinstate the Template of Wisdom on Earth and begin pouring her True Light of Wisdom upon Earth and humankind at this most urgently needed point of our history.

Pool of Wisdom:

We are invited to be the catalyst for the return of Wisdom to Earth. The Qualities of Wisdom, in the level of potency and purity offered to Solomon, will be instilled within our DNA structure for anchoring on Earth and the benefit of all souls. In celebration of the enormous honor of being the vehicle to anchor these Qualities, we will receive gifts of True Wisdom and tools of empowerment from Sophia. We will bathe in the Pool of Wisdom to remove the cobwebs of forgetfulness and to restore the memories of our own glory.

The timing is perfect, as it is believed that the energies of Sophia, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene create a Trinity to bring three Aspects of the Feminine Creative Force back to Earth. The 15th of May, which is the Feast of the Assumption of Mary, is also a feast for the celebration of Sophia. We will receive and anchor the energies of Sophia on Summer Solstice after we celebrate May 15th with Mother Mary, in our Hear Thy Soul Private group Channeling course. If you are drawn to this event, it is because you have been an Initiate of Wisdom and a Daughter or Son of Sophia in the Golden Ages when the Template of Wisdom was fully functional and prevalent on Earth. Join us to receive initiations to the Light of Wisdom and to prepare us to become the Beacons of Sophia on Earth once again.


Tuition: $79.00. For a limited time: $18.00.




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