Summer of the Divine Feminine Half Price Offering

Tuition Reduced to Half Price on Selected Courses

From July 7 to August 18, 2012

In honor of Divine Mother and the return of the Divine Feminine in this Landmark year of 2012, we are making selected courses available at half price. This is an opportunity for you to be of service to yourself, your loved ones, Earth and Humankind by helping to anchor the Energies of the Divine Feminine. Doing this raises the vibration of Earth and the Five Elements, accelerating us through the 12/21/2012 Portal to the great heights.

We have been given a magnificent gift in these past few years by Divine Mother, as she has come to our aid and initiated the return of the Divine Feminine. She has brought her own loving Light along with Goddess Victory, Great Silent Watcher and other Goddesses to dilute and dissipate the fear, anger and corruption prevalent on Earth and replace them with Motherly Compassion, Tolerance and Divine Order. Divine Mother has said that the heat of summer nurtures the Feminine Energies which is why we bring forth this reminder of the Meditations Divine Mother has lovingly brought to us through these courses.

The Level and Subject Area of each course grouping, as organized in the Mystery School Curriculum, is indicated and a brief explanation of the significance of the courses, especially at this point in time, is also provided.

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Level V: Anchoring the Divine Feminine

Subject Area A: Living with Divine Mother

Divine Mother can be thought of as the Feminine Creative Force brought into focus. The Feminine Creative Force congealed a portion of itself in order to manifest a Form which we could more easily relate to and express our love to, just like a child to a mother. These two courses introduce you to many Aspects of Divine Mother; Goddesses who are closest to Earth and Cosmic Goddesses who have come to assist Divine Mother at this critical time in Earth’s history.

• V:A001:1001 Living with Divine Mother. (Was $330.00, now $165.00)
 II:B001:0910 Festival of Navaratri with Divine Mother. (Was $110.00, now $55.00)


Subject Area B: Anchoring the Feminine Principle

Great Silent Watcher is the Cosmic Being that held the idea for the creation of our Earth and our entire Solar System in her Heart until it became manifest. She has returned to work with Divine Mother to remove the corruption that has overtaken this Reality and return it to the Purity that she originally intended for us. To accomplish this, she has brought Angelic Watchers and Silent Watchers to assist in this task. She has also offered the great sacrifice of lowering her Energies from the Pool of Creation to occupy Thrones in our Hierarchy at the 109th and 110th Dimensions of Reality. This she does to bring her closer to us.

• V:B001:1105 Silent Watchers – Guardian Angels of Earth and Humankind. (Was $122.00, now $61.00)
• V:B002:1109 Creation of Angelic Watchers w/ Melchizedek & Divine Mother. (Was $88.00, now $44.00)
• V:B003:1109 Silent Watchers at the Throne of Ellah. (Was $99.00, now $49.50)
• V:B004:1111 Inaugurating Great Silent Watcher at Her New Thrones. (Was $99.00, now $49.50)

Subject Area C: Gifts from Divine Mother

In this series, Divine Mother bestows great gifts upon us in gratitude for all we do on her behalf for Earth and Humankind. Each meditation is filled with healing and exercises to bring abundance and prosperity.

• V:C001:1111 Gifts from Divine Mother Phase I. (Was $99.00, now $49.50)
 V:C002:1201 Gifts from Divine Mother Phase II. (Was $99.00, now $49.50)
 V:C003:1201 Gifts from Divine Mother Phase III. (Was $99.00, now $49.50)

Subject Area D: Alchemy with Divine Mother

This is a powerful series in which Divine Mother works with us to activate and restore the knowledge of Alchemy as a tool for manifestation. Because these courses are so powerful, it is recommended that the Gifts for Divine Mother Series be taken alternately with the Alchemy series.

• V:D001:1010 Alchemy of Abundance with Goddess Gaia. (Was $99.00, now $49.50)
• V:D002:1111  Alchemy of Divine Power with Divine Mother; Empowering the Solar Plexus. (Was $333.00, now $166.50)
 V:D003:1202 Alchemy of Divine Power with Divine Mother Phase II, Igniting the Light Body. (Was $220.00, now $110.00)

Level IV: Special Projects Programs 

Program 1: Living with the Masters Series

Subject Area B: Sanat Kumara Series

Bringing back the Energies of the Divine Feminine is the first step to bringing back to Earth our Planetary Logos, Sanat Kumara. Sanat Kumara is the Great Being whose consciousness over-Lights our planet. He has been unable to bring his Essence close to Earth and Humankind because of the thick density that has been gripping Earth for thousands of years. After we have fully anchored the Divine Feminine, Sanat Kumara will be able to return. We include these courses here so that we may connect to Sanat Kumara, embrace him and pull his energy and loving protection back to Earth – fully imbued with the Divine Feminine.

 IV:1B001:1009 Living with Sanat Kumara I, Lemuria. (was $133.00, now $66.50)
 IV:1B001:1009 Living with Sanat Kumara, II, Becoming the Rainbow Bridge. (Was $133.00, now $66.50)


Program 2: Special Projects Series

Subject Area B: Hear Thy Soul Series

Divine Mother has stated that the work we are doing in this series has been critically important. The group that were the first to anchor these energies have built the foundation from which all who follow can jump and raise the bar even higher. As time does not exist in the Higher Realms, each participant in these courses can connect to the original group energy and ride the tide that is already fully in motion. It is very important that this series be taken in the order given. The first course Hear Thy Soul; Receive its Guidance is the precursor to what follows.

 IV:2B001:1102 Hear Thy Soul Receive its Guidance. (3 part introductory course: Was $335.00, now discounted to $167.50)

All other Hear Thy Soul Courses: Were $150.00 each, now discounted to $75.00 each)
 IV:2B002:1103 Hear Thy Soul Private Group Channeling with St. Germain
 IV:2B003:1104 Hear Thy Soul Private Group Channeling with Quan Yin
 IV:2B004:1105 Hear Thy Soul Private Group Channeling with Mother Mary, Part 1
 IV:2B005:1106 Hear Thy Soul Private Group Channeling with Mother Mary, Part 2
 IV:2B006:1108 Hear Thy Soul with St. Germain at the Retreat of Sophia, Goddess of Wisdom
 IV:2B007:1109 Hear Thy Soul with Quan Yin and Bodhisattvas of Compassion
 IV:2B008:1110 Hear Thy Soul – Healing Gifts at the Throne of Divine Mother
 IV:2B009:1111 Hear Thy Soul – Our New Contract with Divine Mother 
 IV:2B010:1112 Hear Thy Soul with Quan Yin; Mission of Compassion for Earth and Humankind 

Subject Area C: Project Awakening Series

 One of the most important reasons Divine Mother is so intent on helping us leap through the 12/21/2012 Portal to great heights, is to assist the Indigo Children, Star Children, Crystal Children and  Children of Pure Light. These are the generations currently from 40 years old to those being born now to those generations who are yet to come. These courses offer a chance to support these young people who are struggling with the difficulties and densities they have been born into.

• IV:2C003:1112 Project Awaken – Global Ceremony on Behalf of the Indigo Souls with Divine Mother (Was $59.00, now discounted to $29.50)
 IV:2C002:1103 Project Awakening 0311 – Divine Mother; Healing Earth- Divine Love, Will, Order (Was $18.00, now $9.00)


Additional Half Price Courses

Level II: Intensive Healing and Science of Spirituality

Subject Area A: Intensive Healing

 This is one of the most beautiful and comprehensive healing courses that PTE Mystery School offers. Through this extensive course, we work with Divine Mother at her Throne to bring together our Conscious Self, Personality Aspects and Soul Fragments and receive intense healing. After Phase I was completed, Master Jesus came forth to offer his guidance to expand and magnify the healing given in Phase I. With his help we expanded Phase I to create a 26 week course offering a step by step process of deep and comprehensive healing. If you feel you have the patience and resilience to complete the 26 week Phase II course, we highly recommend taking Phase II. If you do so, you need not take Phase I.

 II:A003:0902 Inner sight Inner Light I. (Was $150.00, now discounted to $75.00)
 II:A004:0902 Inner Sight Inner Light II, Expanded Version with Master Jesus. (Was $333.00, now discounted to $166.50)